• Equalizer

    it’s Gambit

    • Joey

      It’s you bitch

  • Bogdan


  • Gamaware

    This Guy is Just Awsome haha

  • Aaron Cobb

    Its gambit

  • luca

    nice skills you got there son.

  • Aaron

    I’m just waiting for some dick to say “That guy is sooo totally a virgin!”, cause that’s what idiot on the internet do, find somethng to mock. but this was pretty cool, i knew playing cards could fly like that but these are smaller than those, so i didn’t think they could be thrown. but i guess if there was a way to make something into a weapon, it would be an asian to do it. (slightly racist comment, i know)

    • mook

      You are a virgin. Ya virgin.

      • Preformed Cone

        You’re just jealous. That is pretty sweet.

  • lickalotipus

    Its gambit

  • Vectus

    I think he reminds me of a certain X-Man, but I’m not sure who. Anyone care to refresh my memory?

  • pookie

    please teach me

  • Eirik

    Finally I can get some use of my own businesscard. I will immidiately start practising.

  • nomoreviral

    so nobody figured out that this is viral advertising for that Samsung camera always in the picture and on the business cards?

    • billthewelder

      So nobody figured out that your the only one that cares? Kids got skills and they’re sweet and so what if he’s makin some scratch off of them.

  • Irwin109

    Smoking Aces?

  • Andrés

    I would hate to be that apple.

  • P-90

    Who else saw the Mythbusters episode where they proved it’s impossible to really injure someone by throwing a card (Unless you hit an eye I suppose), let alone kill them.

    • Chris

      Those were playing cards. These were business cards, which are smaller, and there’s no way they were made out of regular paper. They don’t look laminated, but in order to perforate the balloon, you need sharp edges, which means plastic of some sort, and some thickness around or over 180 grams/sqm to give it enough weight for the longer throws. It’s really easy to get. We make that sort of business cards at work. Of course, we all suck at throwing them like that… he’s got skills.

  • top dog


  • top dog

    You Know, I just thought of something, what if this guy is Chinese and not Japanese?
    I mean, it don’t say that in the title, somebody just naturally assumed that he is from Japan and called him ninja. Hell, for all we know, he could be Korean. I’am just saying.

  • Lasherman

    It’s Gromit

  • joelinsanclemente

    He should have a high-noon style duel with Ricky Jay.

  • Qwerty

    any id on this guy? I work for a business card printing company…

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