Is Nikki the hottest college chick in America? (14 Photos)

replace hottie Is Nikki the hottest college chick in America? (14 Photos)

Nikki looks to be the front runner right now for College Humor’s ‘Hottest College Girl In America’ contest. Here is the entire field of contenders. Thoughts?

  • sauce

    4,6,7,9 ew no, she looks like a mom

    • LuisO

      do you really think she looks like a mom?..meh you must have really high standards..(that’s why u don’t get laid)

      She gets my vote, i’m in love ❤

    • Brandon

      And that makes her unattractive somehow? 6 and 7 are two of the best pics of her IMO

    • Skyler

      Then MILF, dumbass.

  • jl99stu

    Yeah, she might be. Perfect face/body

  • HellHathNoFury

    Really really ridiculously good-looking. Yes, we see that you have boobs. Butt pics, please?

    • theddnice

      Agreed (for the butt shots anyway)


      I still would rather have HHNF…just saying…

  • Dean

    She gets my vote. Holy crap!

  • Anonymous

    holy shit the things i would do to her

    • Booger

      Make her disappointed because you came before you got your underoos off?

      • Zach


  • amcdo012

    i vote no. I know chicks hotter than this ho.

  • Mattythegooch

    I’m getting plastic surgery, so my outside can resemble my inside…FAKE!!!!

  • Flip

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    She’s is hot, but douchesses aren’t capable of being the hottest, as douchery is not attractive. On the other hand, I can’t wait for her porno to come out.

  • mike

    She has that generic Carrie Underwood boring look.

    • Anonymous


    • ssss9999


  • cavemanlawyer

    Whoever the fuck convinced her to cut her hair like that deserves to be shot in the nuts. That short hair tomboy look is awful. Those extensions look nasty.

    Other than the hair, she is shmokin hawt~

    • meme

      cavemanlawyer, are you my gay hairdresser, by chance?

  • taylor

    honestly, this girl is hot as hell. i’d cut off some digits to have a go at it. it’s all objective of course but anybody who says she’s not hot at all is either blind or retarded. good on ya nikki

  • jtool

    brunette bent over works well

  • Equalizer

    Hell Yah!!!

  • meh

    hot yes, hottest? no

  • MeSoHorny

    I just came.

  • pookie

    no but I’d plow it like a corn field

  • doo


  • youdummy

    I would have the same reaction as the girl in the last pic.

  • acash


  • poppajo8

    She’s a strong contender, need to see nude pics to make a final decision…just forward them to my email address.

  • Matt

    yes i’d say she just might be

  • top dog

    I’ve seen better, but not bad, not too bad at all. I’d beat them knees.

  • pheref

    photo bomb in 9 is funny

    *also the fact that she hangs out with pretty ordinary people somehow makes her hotter

  • Poo_Grundle

    She’s totally amazing. Not only is she hot, she’s seems pretty cool too.

    • dave

      you know her ?

  • Anonymous


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