Is Nikki the hottest college chick in America? (14 Photos)

replace hottie Is Nikki the hottest college chick in America? (14 Photos)

Nikki looks to be the front runner right now for College Humor’s ‘Hottest College Girl In America’ contest. Here is the entire field of contenders. Thoughts?

  • Aaron Cobb


  • RiHughes

    spaghetti thin lips.

  • w3rw0lf

    Hurray, internetz self-expressing and hungy for “hot”s und “sexy”s.
    Sick society.

  • mikel

    in the contest? probably. in real life? hell no. not to say she isn’t hot but there are some ridiculous girls at pretty much every college in america

  • gnarbucketz

    not on MY bracket!

  • gonzomania

    She’s gonna look real hot when she gets liver failure from all that liquor she’s chuggin’…lol

  • Jay

    Hot, but deff not the hottest.

  • Hottest chick?

    No. No she isn’t.

  • Camel Joe

    she’s two T’s HOTT. call me again when she decides to do porn.

  • at work

    she’s smokin

  • jeffsaccount

    She is hot but that two tone blonde\brunette thing looks white trashy.

  • anon

    Hot Yes, Hottest in America not even close.

  • DrRockso

    I’d eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from

  • Nateb123

    What ugly-ass college did you all go to? She’s not ugly but hottest? Her jawline is kinda weird, her eyes aren’t terribly pretty and she’s got a duckface half the time. The girl is maybe an 8 in photos, probably a 3 when you have to hear her talk. Walking to class I’d probably see a couple dozen women who look better.

  • buffet0

    I throw away better than that. Pathetic.

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  • bart

    I KNEW she would be picked since the day she was featured.

  • Yeah

    She has a alcohol problem.

  • Steve Dave

    (Nice titsnface) / (No ass) = Boooooooooooorrring.

  • Picky

    my only complaint is WTF is up with the two-tone hair? Pick a color and go with it, it’s annoying… I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for it, though. I doubt that she’s THE hottest in America and I predict that she’ll blow up like a puffer fish eating Alka-Seltzer by age 30 from all the alcohol and subsequent unwanted pregnancies, so get it while the gettin’s good!

  • Picky

    Oh, and fake titties suck!

  • TheAnswer

    No. No, she is not.

  • noa


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  • dt520

    nom nom nom… i’d willingly wake up next to this girl forever. even if she isn’t a natural blonde, my biggest fetish is a blonde with brown eyes so i’ll take it.

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