• Aaron Cobb


  • RiHughes

    spaghetti thin lips.

  • w3rw0lf

    Hurray, internetz self-expressing and hungy for “hot”s und “sexy”s.
    Sick society.

  • mikel

    in the contest? probably. in real life? hell no. not to say she isn’t hot but there are some ridiculous girls at pretty much every college in america

  • gnarbucketz

    not on MY bracket!

  • gonzomania

    She’s gonna look real hot when she gets liver failure from all that liquor she’s chuggin’…lol

  • Jay

    Hot, but deff not the hottest.

  • Hottest chick?

    No. No she isn’t.

  • Camel Joe

    she’s two T’s HOTT. call me again when she decides to do porn.

  • at work

    she’s smokin

  • jeffsaccount

    She is hot but that two tone blonde\brunette thing looks white trashy.

  • anon

    Hot Yes, Hottest in America not even close.

  • DrRockso

    I’d eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from

  • Nateb123

    What ugly-ass college did you all go to? She’s not ugly but hottest? Her jawline is kinda weird, her eyes aren’t terribly pretty and she’s got a duckface half the time. The girl is maybe an 8 in photos, probably a 3 when you have to hear her talk. Walking to class I’d probably see a couple dozen women who look better.

  • buffet0

    I throw away better than that. Pathetic.

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  • bart

    I KNEW she would be picked since the day she was featured.

  • Yeah

    She has a alcohol problem.

  • Steve Dave

    (Nice titsnface) / (No ass) = Boooooooooooorrring.

  • Picky

    my only complaint is WTF is up with the two-tone hair? Pick a color and go with it, it’s annoying… I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for it, though. I doubt that she’s THE hottest in America and I predict that she’ll blow up like a puffer fish eating Alka-Seltzer by age 30 from all the alcohol and subsequent unwanted pregnancies, so get it while the gettin’s good!

  • Picky

    Oh, and fake titties suck!

  • TheAnswer

    No. No, she is not.

  • noa


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  • dt520

    nom nom nom… i’d willingly wake up next to this girl forever. even if she isn’t a natural blonde, my biggest fetish is a blonde with brown eyes so i’ll take it.

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