Is Nikki the hottest college chick in America? (14 Photos)

replace hottie Is Nikki the hottest college chick in America? (14 Photos)

Nikki looks to be the front runner right now for College Humor’s ‘Hottest College Girl In America’ contest. Here is the entire field of contenders. Thoughts?

  • Mike

    The hottest? Not sure, let’s see her naked before we say for sure.

  • blahblah

    She is hot as fuck but definitely not the hottest. I see chicks like this daily.

  • justincase

    She’d better be the front runner, she’s my pick to win the whole thing!

  • Burt

    Hot now, but with all that boozin’, she will be one helluva fat wastoid by the time her 40’s roll around… girls like that burn out FAST. 😛 Hot now, yeah. Just sayin’…

  • A guy

    These contests are always filled with generic ass white girls with blonde hair and nice tits.

    People need to expand their horizons.

    • Anonymous

      “What Would Tyler Durden Do” picked her out a few weeks ago

  • coach dixon

    yes, from Australia.

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