• Mike

    The hottest? Not sure, let’s see her naked before we say for sure.

  • blahblah

    She is hot as fuck but definitely not the hottest. I see chicks like this daily.

  • justincase

    She’d better be the front runner, she’s my pick to win the whole thing!

  • Burt

    Hot now, but with all that boozin’, she will be one helluva fat wastoid by the time her 40’s roll around… girls like that burn out FAST.😛 Hot now, yeah. Just sayin’…

  • A guy

    These contests are always filled with generic ass white girls with blonde hair and nice tits.

    People need to expand their horizons.

    • Anonymous

      “What Would Tyler Durden Do” picked her out a few weeks ago

  • coach dixon

    yes, from Australia.

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