• Fuzzybeard2016

    Show me a homemade Cylon Raider; *THEN* I’ll be impressed!

  • jeff in Australia

    Be impressed with this one… the driver is handicapped.

  • slutifer

    yeah mentally handicapped

  • top dog

    If I were a COP, I’d give this guy a ticket for being an ass hole and for driving that monstrosity on the public street.

  • Zenra

    *sighs* I find it awesome. I’m such a nerd.

  • Uncle_Scrotor

    Because when you are not having much sex and don’t have any friends, you can build something like this! Oh!

    Okay, it is kinda cool, in that someone did this, but I agree with top dog.

  • Brandon

    It’s powered by vegetable juice? Well that’s pretty environmentally friendly!

  • Equalizer

    Is that street legal?

  • Northerner

    I agree with Zenra. It’s major cool and another example of free will/choice and American creativity and expression. Don’t knock it. Yes, I’d like to see a Cylon counterpart. Absolutely! Yeah, I’m a fellow nerd, too. Technogeeks rock.

  • Static

    OMG.. I saw this car about 15-20 years ago up the street from my house… never since.
    They changed it.. i think it used to have only 1 front tire. Talked to the then owner (original builder) said it took him YEARS to get it approved for the street.

    cant believe its still around! Pic is taken at seabreeze park – rochester, ny

  • Vicarious

    so awesome

  • seaninc

    Stolen from Jalopnik. Classy guys

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