Daily Afternoon Randomness (25 Photos)

  • Battleangel

    #14 FTW

    • CharybdisClan

      lol, yeah, until you’re on the receiving end of that present. Your clothes will never smell the same…. 😦

    • SreyaNotfilc

      I just don’t know what to say about this one. I just closed my eyes and laughed silently for a few moments. It’s so gross yet so hilarious.

  • formula

    so much WIN here

  • jordan

    #14 – is that…shit?


  • dave

    #14 is pure win, had me laughing for a good minute there.

  • alex

    14 is possibly the greatest and most disgusting photo i’ve ever seen

  • GNin


    Obviously the Cops told him to “Get Down!”

    • garp

      ….#10 would be truly epic if the old guy was moonwalking

  • daley

    #21 Notice the 20 lbw of fat is way more than twice as much as the 20lbs

  • Insert Name Here


  • twinkie eater

    the fat thing ruined my day

    i got a lot of that inside me

    • Lionhearte

      …Avatar win?

  • postgay

    sorry, twinkie eater, have a…nevermind

  • Nateb123

    Anti-gravity poop FTMFW!

  • acash

    #15 – Agreed.

    Last Pic… pwnd

    • Rusty

      Those sweet rolls are awesome.

  • schnit123

    #12 – Riomaggiore, Italy, I’ve been there, it’s one of the best kept secrets in Europe.

  • sticks

    WTF is wrong with George Clooney?!

    • top dog

      She clearly look content with her friend from the looks of this photo….a little too content mabe. Mabe that has something to do with it. Even so, if I were him, I’d keep her around, I love the way she streches. That looks so sexy

    • PooPooCachoo

      #25 – I’d dump on her too. A thick stinky brown one right on that thigh. BTW, I never knew Clooney was into scat.

  • Lokobo

    #15- I ate one of those 10 minutes ago. They truly are awesome!

    • norm

      I scrolled up and thought you meant 14.

  • Equalizer

    #25 – Is So HOT!!!

  • bowhuntpa

    #14 quick baby take shit take picture for the internet!!!!!!

  • goposaur

    #14 – this is the greatest advertisement for condoms ever.

  • techgeek

    ever think #22 could be an adopted kid? i know its not funny that way

    • Chris

      That’s what I thought as well, but after I got told that “this is a funny image thread on the internet, don’t try to bring logic into it” on a different forum, I figures staying silent was better.

  • techgeek

    #25 didn’t clooney just buy an island for her? doubt he broke up after doing that. It’s too expensive of a parting gift.

  • simon

    #3 wonder why my mother in law is in here?????

  • Ken

    Those Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are awesome!

    Is that the chick George Clooney gave the island to as a present? Does she get to keep the Island or is Clooney an Indian Island Giver?

    What is goin' on with the anatomy in #6????

    • the credible hulk

      baby under her shirt

  • gnarbucketz

    Somehow the tan lines in #7 are kinda hot. I’d give it a go.

  • maddogfenby

    #16 is a house – check out EnglishRussia.com

  • RWA

    #13 is Leslie from Austin.

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