Hot Right Now: The Kaplan Twins will literally sit on your face (21 Photos)

There’s something off about MySpace chicks, man (20 Photos)

If you can’t get enough of this, you gotta’ check out Hottest Girls Of MySpace.

  • sup

    I’d fuck them all… one after another!!!!

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  • no wayman91

    #6 Reminds me of a video I seen where a chick was squishing watermelons with her thighs.

  • lowdown

    maybe I am trashy too, but i love this post, something about it, i keep coming back to it. more more!



  • Motis

    Love No.7 like to see more Rodeo girls use to be in the circuit myself fact is waiting on surgery now.Like girls in cowboy hats and with a nice ass!! Fan and Lover of the Chive!!

  • JDub

    #9 gross…oh wait the suit is painted on…no still gross… #2 was the highlight

  • Motis

    #2 and #7 love trashy women!!

  • Motis

    #2 and #7 love trashy women!! the whole post is hot!!

  • tater

    in love…marry me

  • Sapphire

    Stephanie, these are wnfedroul pictures taken by a very talented artist. I continue to be amazed by and proud of your work. My daughter is a beautiful young woman, and I’ve never seen her look more beautiful. Thank you.

  • Sam

    I'm so confused.

  • Jawbone

    All that work on that body, and nothing can be done for that face. Shame.

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  • Sweety


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