First the compact car, now the compact house

This Habitable Polyhedron (just looked those words up) is a beautiful compact house designed to serve as a peaceful and relaxing summer escape from our busy lives.

  • jeff in Australia

    Great idea… multi-purpose.. put it on a boat, put wheels on it, tow it behind a car, beach house,
    somewhere to throw the kids, or a place to get away from them… bbq on the porch…
    Great idea…

  • Crystal

    That’s actually really cool!!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Put it in the back, by the pool. Needs a sauna, I’ll bring the Kegerator!

  • Rob

    Adult tree house…

  • Anonymous

    where’s the bathroom???

    • top dog

      Where’s the bed?

  • myragehush

    This one here seems to beat the trailer and the RV in the comfort and looks department. I can live in that.

  • LOL

    I could do this. I would need blackout drapes or something. I like nature but not at 5:00 EVERY morning.

  • Equalizer

    Windows too big, they can see you inside while having sex

  • HellHathNoFury

    An escape from personal hygiene. I don’t mind washing in a river, but using the restroom and eating just might be on my list of things to do. It would be a cool place for my kid and her evil friends to hang, though.

  • Northerner

    Anonymous…my FIRST thought, exactly. However, there is a growing trend of backyard office/den/getaways. Like a TUFFSHED with amenities. You probably, by local codes, couldn’t have a potty in one. But you’d be close to your main house facilities. Very cool. My southern Colorado landscape, however, doesn’t provide such greenery. Lots of wind and tumbleweeds. But a nice dream…well done!

  • sticks

    Add a bathroom and make it internet and electricity friendly and I’ll live in it.

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