• anonymous

    that’s disturbing – those big punks need to be taught a lesson.

    • Ranger Danger

      Nah, the kid just needs to man up. Not gonna lie though, it looked like it hurt like hell. But screaming about it like that? Seriously?

    • mamma jamma

      a lesson in love

    • anonymous

      shut up sandler!! your movies are more painfull than this

  • Yo Yo Mama

    What a pussy. That wasn’t even that hard of a hit.

  • doo


  • Pants

    Dear god, it’s my childhood all over again!

  • Anonymous

    that’s exactly how I reacted when I’d accidentally hurt the little brother when I was a kid haha

  • Theeris

    one of two things; either this is real, in which case those guys are utter assholes, or this is one of THE best staged hits i’ve seen ever…

  • markkens

    chasing my bro across the yard, he trips and hits the brick steps

    he gets a face full of stitches, I feel like shit

    hate to see this, in slo-mo it doesn’t look that fake

  • model parent

    best way to keep the kids in line – work the face

  • Matt

    hahaha kid overreacted WAY to much but it didn’t look like it hurt. DAMN! hahaa

  • Jay

    Is the kid male or female?? I can’t tell. It’s voice doesn’t help either.

  • Nagrom

    Judging by the crack, I’d say that kid got his/her nose broken.

    So to someone THAT young, it would be the most painful thing ever.

    Give them a break you assholes. I bet you would scream like a fucking pussy too if you got belted like that.

    • terry

      no he is a bitch. did his noes brake? most likely, does it hurt so bad that you have to scream like you being eaten alive? no. he’s a bitch

    • Nateb123

      Some of us who aren’t giant vaginas learned to take a hit pretty early from playing these things called “sports”. The kid is just a pussy.

  • slutifer

    that was hell of a punch

  • Nicnac

    hilarious to punch a girl in the face… wow Bob, you are insane…

  • Anonymous


  • Poopie McGee


  • luca

    wow that scream…that scream.

  • whothat

    I highly question the “hilarity” of above video. Someone looked genuinely hurt from this not-so-innocent pastime.

    And those guys are either high as hell, or are the spawn of satan. They crack a little kid in the face like that and just stand there reactionless. Nice job, bob. I was trying to get away from trash like this that I find in every other clone site. Thanks for ruining my day and my hopes on mankind.

    • Leonardo

      I agree, you shouldn’t hit kids. You should knock them down.

    • pork sausage

      so i guess now we have 2 crybabies

  • Fail Rater



  • YeahYeah

    they were play fighting, shit went wrong. There’s nothing malicious there. If they WERE beating the shit out of him/her, they wouldn’t have stopped to get him/her a towel. Everybody chill.

  • futard

    wtf is wrong with you? “hilarious”??

  • slacker5

    Wow, some of you people need to calm down a bit. It was an accident. Stop being so sensitive. Just goes to show we are turning kids into wusses now a days. Kids used to rough house like this, and even worse.

    Bet the people whining are the anal retentive type that get out the wet wipes and antibacterial cream when little Billy gets a little on his hand. Or they were the ones that got bullied and have yet to grow a pair.

  • Volcancer

    First I was like :-o.. then i was like LMAO!

  • madfistswillie

    Will someone please shut that fucking banshee up…

    • Leonardo

      Usingt he medium of a clenched fist

  • smotka

    How is this funny?

    • well...

      did you not see the child get decked?

    • Bones

      How is this not funny?

  • Miss Sara

    Wow, I really hope that wasn’t a girl. Poor kid.

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