• clom

    Right in the chin. this is awesone

  • alex


  • imdb sux

    did the kid sustain permanent brain damage? rushed to hospital? i love all the crybabies in this thread who forgot about what it was like to be a kid and get hurt. it happened all the time. oh, and yes, it was funny

  • Fuzzybeard2016

    That sounded a bit more substantial than a nose being broken; it sounded more like a *jaw* being broken.

    /somewhat informed guess, nothing more.

  • subaz

    lol the slow mo sounded like some ferocious beast.

  • Paul Tingle

    I have boner

  • shuqq

    we have some brave internet-warriors in the comments here.

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  • Mutt

    Why the hell is a humor site posting this? Are we going to have to start wading through those phone cam high school beat downs on Chive now?

  • CMG

    This is funny?

  • Anonymous


  • tashi


  • Dea9

    that kid is a pussy

  • Nicnac

    to all those commenting on those (like me) who think this is sick. The reason we think this way is this is mostly a HUMOR site. Obviously, many of us do not find this video funny in the least. In fact, we find it horrific. If this is okay, why not go all out and show racist stuff, animal abuse (recently done on the chatroulette list), sexual predation on minors (same chatroulette list, same picture as the animal abuse), rape, murder… hell to some of you, it’s all funny

  • Tq


  • Anonymous

    that was fucking hilarious, that kid has some serious mental problems though.

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  • haha...

    I just kept replaying the hit in. It looks real 😀

  • nicolec!

    that guy is a asshole straight up.

  • http://www.geboortekaartje-maken.nl/category/aparte-geboortekaartjes/ Jos

    I don't find it verry funny either…

  • Myke

    Payback is a dish best served cold!!!

  • DtotheF4shiZ

    I don't think this is fake. he even grabs his hand after cuz it hurt him.

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