I like smiling. Smiling is my favorite. (20 photos)

  • RiHughes

    #18 Dude, all those Reeses are gonna melt in the sun!

  • bowhuntpa

    21 = WIN

  • Joe

    So much win in the #21

    • Dave

      Yes! That’s one of the most awesome things I’ve seen in a long long time.

      • yeahsure

        Your life must be very sheltered!

        • HellHathNoFury

          It’s hil-fucking-hairy-ass. I laughed so hard. Mostly at the fact that someone that stupid is breeding.

  • Joe

    And #14 was the winner UNTIL talked about Twilight. Everything that says twilight sucks. Even my comment.
    But leaving the guy naked with that sign was awesome. Kudos for the friends. The twilight fan don’t deserve his pals heheh.

  • Matt


  • wills

    Well by looking at picture #10 I know see where Adolf Hitlers black love child is.

  • Anonmouse

    Judging by Derek’s spelling (#21), he doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed. He’s probably an real cool guy that says things like “Fuck that, I hate condoms!” or “It’s not my responsibility!”

    • Anonmouse

      and now I’ll make fun of myself… “an real cool guy” *slaps self repeatedly*

      • HellHathNoFury

        *glove full of bricks*

  • Camel Joe

    #5 meanwhile in japan…
    #14 the guy deserved it. who talks about about twilight all fucking night? at a party! there’s chicks around!
    #16 oh c’mon that’s just gross. people do that?! who fucking misspells masturbate?!

  • joeoby78

    #18………… Reese’s peanut butter cups, Kool’s and blow up sex dolls…………. life doesn’t get much better than that………..

  • Navy Adam

    I actually did save 15% or more of my income by switching to a paternity test! Never trust’em when they say it’s yours! Been accused twice and twice I’ve proven them wrong!

  • P-90

    Is the ‘girl’ in #10 real or a weird looking blowup doll.

    • tricky

      ohh i know him! or rather, know /of/ him. NatGeo has this show called Taboo and they featured him on an episode
      he’s a “doll husband.” and yes that’s exactly what it sounds like.

      • P-90

        Oh FFS that’s pathetic.

  • smotka

    #14 and #21.. epic win..

    #5: Is that guy fucking a car?

  • Equalizer

    #2 LOL

  • HellHathNoFury

    7 is so right
    15 is weird, but why is everyone looking at the puffer-fish guy and not the dude on the left?
    Alex is lucky he has friends at all, and Marc is a mad genius.

    • zomgVaderMask

      lol #15 that guy to the left of the puffer fish guy is wearing a vadar mask!!!

  • Northerner

    #1-was she so drunk she wet her pants and fell through the screened window? Or is that just a shadow. Just askin’.
    #4-wow, I intensely dislike fish but those three gals are gorgeous. Could it be a play on the ages old sayin’ guys have that a woman’s pubic area smells like fish? Hmmm? Surely not…

  • markkens

    every one deserves a comment

    I thought #15 was going to spit aids blood

  • ashleyauthor

    #10. Even the doll looks appalled.

  • Ken

    #3 Racism in the aquarium…not pretty.

    Count me in as a fan of #21.

  • meme

    #15 – Shopped but scary and funny at the same time!
    #16 – Shopped – if you pay attention it is obvious. DOH! Some chive readers are so gullible!
    And it is masturbate NOT masterbate! I should know, I am an expert! LOL

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