• Doug

    Trapped in a room, one way out… FUCK!!!!

  • Anonymous

    AH FUCK!

  • That Guy

    Porn CDs: making even the fattest people risk torn pants to bend over and pick up

  • Chucky

    Bob at the lab trying to come up with a clever way to finally see his penis again.

  • JT

    “i sure hope my character does not die.. here goes nothing..”

  • okthenjustpickoneforme

    Saw VIII: “The CD contains the code that will cut off the flow of the nougatine inflation tube cuurently inserted in your rectum…apparenly you have over 3 weeks to make the choice.”

  • eipassaa

    "Thank god for Steam"

  • Chris

    Well shit…….MOM


    Fatman, I want to play a game. You have 1 minute to pick up this disk or you will die. Your time starts now GO

  • Anonymous

    Fuck it!

  • Hillbilly68x

    Oh a shiny donut

  • André Ryoki

    Shit! I gave birth to an obsolete cd.

  • Stephon

    Ah hell, who needs Windows 7 anyway.

  • Anonymous

    darn! now not only do i need a bra, but a stick to fetch my cd. and they say its easy living in mom and dads basement

  • thayl

    ugh. i hope this photo dosent make it on chive…. like the last 4

  • Travis

    Welp…. There goes my Nickelback album.


    #4: WINNING LIKE A BOSS !!!!!!!!!!!!


    i wonder if there's an app for this……………

  • Dante


  • WoodytheHoneyBadger

    from way up here it looks like a shiny dohnut. hmmmmmmmm dohnuts

  • Squirt

    My mother said I am just "filling out"

  • Cory Wendel

    Sweeps it under the rug…

    Pulls out backup copy…

  • Adrian

    DAMNIT! Where did my WOW Map Pack go?!?



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