Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • Fletch


    • Pimp My Ride

      Read it in Xzibit's voice which is funny enough. Then thought "what dishwasher? There's just a woman in there!" Then I lol'd.

  • Nateb123

    You're pretty much all gay for not commenting on #16. So ya know…

    • McAnonymous

      Find her!!! This is the highest priority for Chive…

      • http://www.facebook.com/jujupuge Juju Carlo

        Philippine cosplay royalty Alodia Gosengfiao

  • werk

    the lube one took me a minute

    • HellHathNoFury

      That. Would. Fecking. Hurt. Like. Bloody. Hell.

      • HellHathNoFury

        However, the potato doesn’t look any more attractive.

      • jeff in Australia

        Even more so for we mere males…

  • forge

    1) Well, Slim is a little *too* slim, and Chesty McChesterton is a pretty girl and all, but those boobs are LUDICROUS! She’d be kinda high-maintenance I think, what with the frequent visits to chiropractors and ortrhopedists to keep her from looking like a comma by the time she’s 30.

    • CunningLinguist

      ya, lol. at the bottom of that pic should have the caption “choose wisely!” rofl.
      also #14….. youre weapon is not legos. stop adding shit to it. or, in the event you become my enemy, good luck on running away.

  • forge

    Heh, that lube one is a funny ad. Also, oof.

  • Nicnac

    #1 neither

    • Greg


  • sticks

    That’s Lexi Belle in #7. A very sexy pornstar.

    • SreyaNotfilc

      Oh Lexi, how I love thee..

  • Ken


    Not sure what is going on in #11 or 12. Maybe they need the lube from the ad?

    • top dog

      In #11 two freaks are playing “smell my butt” and in #12, sports injury, the cold spray numbs the pain…for awhile.

  • Fletch

    Oops… #6…?

  • Battleangel

    #12 slept with Jesse James

  • ukulelemike

    The kid in the last photo is wearing nail polish-whats up with that? Maybe he’s mad cuz he wanted a Bratz Nail Salon for Christmas?

  • ishuntrox

    take a good look at the lube ad (#27) and you will LOL

  • Sean Connery


    • Mustafa_Beer

      I took a quick look at #11 and thought she had a cucumber in her hand. A man sees things in a different light at times!

  • BEE

    #27, OUCH. That took me a minute. LOL

  • op1

    the chive gave us chicks today. must be spring

  • jon

    16 is alodia gosienfiao, we nerds like her

  • patches o'houlihan

    i don’t get 27:(

    • Capn

      Notice the posts to the left and right of her? Notice how she’s sitting on the ground and not a post? Lube.

      • Robert Marley


  • Lyndsey

    took me farrrr to long to understand the lube one.. she’s sitting on one of those posts hahaha

  • Camel Joe

    ha! 27 is epic! but.. but.. who teh fuck is 16?!

  • SJ

    No 16 was nice.

  • Doubleday

    for those of you who don’t get 27. look closer

  • Anonymous


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  • Bob

    14 just got me hard…

  • Equalizer

    Asian version of Baroness is HOT!!!

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