Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • Bouke

    Someone know who is miss big from #1?

  • Big Bob

    I want to party with the girls in #11, or better yet, be taken prisoner by the girl in #16!

  • Anonmouse

    To the hommie in #23 – Why even bother putting the pants on at that point?

    For the girl sitting down’s sake, I really hope the girl in #12 isn’t spraying deodorant!

  • P-90

    #1 Surely something’s gone wrong when each of your bewbs is bigger than you fucking head.
    #10 Awwwww.
    #11 Me likey.
    #14 Heh.
    #26 Heh.

  • top dog

    I never really cared about the size of women tits, my only requirement is that she have some. In pic#1, I’ll take em both.

  • fourtwenty

    i fucking love the chive

  • wassup

    #12 she must have a stinky cooch. febreeze will take care of it

  • depcrestwood

    #1 … definitely the one on the right … I like my women carrying a bucket

  • fluffyhairded

    someone shoud tell the skinny girl in the lead she could have some boobs too if she ate every once and again. seriously. ew.

  • nerf herder

    Well the potato is definitely not jewish…. For some reason the girl in #7 is amazingly pretty to me, is she naked??? And anybody else wanna explain #27 for the tenth time sheesh…

  • KEVIN67

    We may be too poor to buy one, but it’s Aston Martin, not Ashton Martin. Ashton is a cigar brand. Too poor for one of those, too.

  • goposaur

    #14 – you softair guys should try the real deal. but gotta hand it to you, if I saw that in a dark alley I would be running the other way.

  • Jaroff

    oh #17! that isn’t how you eat delicious hazelnut spread!

  • Jsum

    #1 How about both? Best of both worlds

  • CBDeadman

    #1 I think yellow is my new favourite colour
    #11 I'd like to join that party
    #16 The Baroness never looked so good

  • http://asfarastheeyecansee-embee.blogspot.com/ BoyFromWales

    #12 Good God, girl, just shower already!

  • wkdfrog

    #27 Took me a second, then LOL!

  • Sana

    Smackhead you have really hrorible taste for women..i’m sure you’re fascinating about Betty Davis right or love hitting the cows. This is the hottest model Chive has put on to date.

  • jt1120

    #1 the one on the left. how about some threads with members of the IBTC once in a while?

  • IanFuckingWard

    Haha 28

    Guess its kind of a dick-tater..

  • malcolm

    What truck is that in #26?

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