If your girlfriend, sister, or mom is not in this gallery, you’re ok. (18 photos)

  • Robbo

    # 12 is making me tingle

    • Ranger Danger

      …in his pants

  • garp

    …don’t lick the pole, you don’t know where it’s been

  • bowhuntpa

    dick eater, thats not ketchup!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    If my girlfriend could do that position in #12, I wouldn’t be on this damn computer…

  • HimAgain

    Damn it my mother is a pink chinsaw!

    (and yes daddy is real torn up about it.)

    • Yes

      Damn it, my joke has been stolen.

  • ChrisDG74

    Hey #2: Come here
    Hey #3: I got a pole you can lick.
    OK, enough of my juvenile potty humor.

    #16: That’s just fucking awesome.

  • Really?

    If #12 can balance a beer and ash tray on her head and enjoys the same activities as #2, we have a winner.

  • The Sofa King

    I’ve been to #3 and #9 is hot.

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  • HellHathNoFury

    Besides the odd face, I see not a damn thing wrong with 15

  • HHNFFan

    # 12 FTW!!!!!!!

  • Mattythegooch


  • Chris

    #10 creeps me out for some reason. It’s like a cute, fuzzy kitten clawing its way down someone’s throat, purring…

  • NightWatchman

    Pic #2 is from a restaurant called “Dick’s Last Resort” inside the Excalibur in Las Vegas, NV. If you’re female and you go there they give you a hat like that without asking.

  • ShakaKahn!

    Hey did anyone else notice the blow-up guy in #7 has a certain familiar face on it??
    As in the 44th President…?
    Is there really a market for those?

  • mssugarkane

    Yea, im not sure #5 is a girl, that could be a dude easily

  • http://misainzig.wordpress.com misainzig

    Is that Michael Phelps in #7?

  • immalawyer

    #7 looks more like a white barrack obama to me lol

  • kp

    #15 is perfectly fine for me!!!!!

  • jeff in Australia

    How about a “pen, girl, friend.”..? Cause I’m sure that cuffed girl looks like…

  • ayu

    Pic no:13 make me laugh liked crazy.. Poor stupid woman… Somebody please help her..

  • Brandon

    Are we sure #4 is female?

  • Bob

    #9, I love tentacle porn.

  • gowtham

    Granny is fuckin scarring me…..!

  • eric

    i know the girl on the right in number 7. she is an elementary school teacher.

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