• tina frey

    liberal arts education

  • Loardes

    somebody give that man a Field’s Medal or a virgin

    • jeff in Australia

      Or a ruler..?

  • werk

    this guy is my hero

  • danny

    i just solved it…but i’m not going to tell anybody the answer. that would be rude

  • uber mask


  • John

    solving two problems at one time

  • par

    pretty crafty

  • Bob

    There is a sub-field in geometry that uses a straight edge and a compass (the kind that draws circles, not the kind that points north) to make shapes (bastardized explanation). The straight edge can be anything with a straight edge, most often a ruler, but sometimes also a textbook or a piece of cardboard. This guy uses a chair.

    Danny: “i just solved it…but i’m not going to tell anybody the answer. that would be rude”

    Sure Danny. We believe you. <— Sarcasm

  • Morton

    the CHIVE must be paying people to get their content on digg. 1.3mb of page load for a 57kB picture? And then the pic is as old as the Internet…

  • Ehsan

    I don’t know the guy’s name but it’s taken in a high school in Iran

  • andrzej

    looks like prof. Lasocki from Politechnika Białostocka but really hard to tell. The furniture and green blackboard also matches equipment there.

  • E

    It’s very likely that this dude is a prof from Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania.

    Please somebody confirm.

    • yessuz

      I confirm – guy from LIthuania, Kaunas university of technology

    • Dovile

      Yeah it is! But the picture is really old!

  • pi


  • The Dude

    It looks like he is teaching DOR or some kind of operations research

  • pookie

    probably just needed something to draw a straight line with

  • kered

    wow….budget cuts lol

  • max

    i bet he’s russian.
    i mean, i know it.
    the chalk board, chair and everything else in the picture looks just like my college.

  • NoPartyFollower

    It's just a guy trying to draw a straight line, what's so funny?

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