• Equalizer

    I eat midget for breakfast!!!

  • Equalizer

    I should have finish school just like what Mom told me…

  • Equalizer

    HELP!…. I’m just looking for the washroom!

  • Equalizer

    Why don’t you pick somebody with your own size?

  • Equalizer

    Damn this small legs, hard for me to run fast…

  • Equalizer

    WTF! My Manager told me I’m going to wrestle a baby Cow…

  • Equalizer

    This is the only thing I have to do to ended up at theChive…

  • greggsymington

    Quick Mario, find the mushroom.

    • bongman


  • Big Bob

    While running for his life, Lil’ Tim sighed to himself “Dammit, if I was born 90 years ago I’d be part of the Lollipop Guild instead of doing this shit!”


    “Oh God no…that little bull has a raging hard-on….RUN!!!!!!”

  • Equalizer

    I need the money for the growth hormone

  • west

    Man, Little People Big World seems to be stealing Jersey Shore’s tricks! One dark angry beast and heffer!

  • BuhBuh

    Little People, Big Ass Mistake…

  • Equalizer

    NO! Please STOP!… I hate McDonald’s… I’m a Vegetarian!…

  • Equalizer

    Oh Please!… NO!… Don’t hit my Little Winnie!….

  • Easy E

    I popped out of this here blanket… then OMGggg-AAaaerrrgggghhhhh!!!! WTF Man?!?!?!?!?!… Your not Aslan!….Narnia bring me back!

  • Equalizer

    No!… It was a mistake… I didn’t F@#Ck your Calf…

  • Nathan

    New small people show on TLC,, “Little People Big Cows” right after a new
    “38 Kids and Counting and my wife still can walk”

  • willrust

    Just another Wednesday night at Dick Cheney’s ranch. Throwin the little guy in with the bulls.

  • willrust

    You fuck with the little bull, you get the little horns!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    When TLC decided to make their new “Little People” show, they did not take into consideration the Wee Man trying to scale the protective wall…
    Tune in tomorrow for “Little man, Little Casket”!

    • Alisa Rose

      Little man little casket. Ahahaha

  • willrust

    Cubs opening day replay of Carlos Zambrano taking on the Atlanta Braves.

  • Stevie

    OZ was ever the same after the Wizard vetoed the anti imigration bill.

  • Equalizer

    I should have joined that Basketball League instead.

  • goat

    They said: “Pedro, become a matador… we’ve got midget-bulls for you to fight”…. WTF?

  • Zantear

    Taught never to retreat, never to surrender. Taught that death on the battlefield in service to Sparta was the greatest glory he could achieve in his life.

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