Daily Afternoon Randomness (24 Photos)

  • garp

    …YAY for tennis!

  • IceBerg

    Great post

  • CAT21

    is Kaley Cuoco on the 7 pic ???

    • RMS

      Yup, that’s Kaley all right. You can tell because she way cuter than everyone else put together.

  • Nick4444

    Huzzah for gratuitous ass!

  • phoeborino

    What the hell is going on with #2? Looks like he’s about to enjoy the “MIley” mag with some handcream and tissue. Eww.

  • w00p

    Yet again, I’ll ask for a name… #7?

    • ChrisDG74

      That would be Kaley Cuoco. From The Big Bang Theory on CBS. Also was on ABC’s 8 Simple Rules for Bang, er, Dating my Teenage Daughter a few years back(the show John Ritter was on when he passed away).

  • petwookiee

    If not for #17, I’d have been pretty happy with #23’s ass

  • huh

    #4 is pretty hot. Below the head, above the waist & between the arms, I mean.

    • Nateb123

      Yeah #4 should just take the mask off. And while she’s at it…

  • HellHathNoFury

    I am in love with the jacket and shoes on the right in 12. 7 is just so freaking hot I want to kill her, or get a Aussie Shepard and a certain book. If i could have that butt in 23, the pizza in 24 and Deadpool, I’d never leave the house.

    • aaron

      If I could have the watch from #6, the gun from #10 and a day of chive posts without seeing your comments and gravatar I would be very thankful!

      • ron


        HHNF is, right after the pictures…. what MAKES this site. You? Can go to hell.

      • HellHathNoFury

        I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to see ‘you’ falling into that fire.
        you made my day.

    • ron

      The butt you want is in #17 (tennis pic), #23 isn’t so great.

      • ROR

        Uh oh Ron…I think i have bad news for you…

  • SAK

    Plain and simple, I enjoyed the heck out of this lineup. I needed a lift, and my usual savior, coffee, just isn’t getting me there.

  • terry

    23 has a nice ass

  • Get Fragged

    I have a new found love for the pyro now.

  • Mcgeezax

    I got cougars up in my crib all the time. I still have my laser disc player and disc collection. Might be collectable someday. Lovely tenn-ass.

  • big dog

    I love women that don’t wear panties, I think they are very sexy. When we(men)do it it’s called free balling, what is it called when women do it? …….don’t answer that, I really don’t care what it’s called.

  • BangBoomCrash

    Guns and Roses, HAHA!!!

    • norm

      Yeah but that one kinda fails because Arnold already did that Guns n Roses thing in Terminator 2.

  • Leif Erikson

    i still have a huge laserdisc collection

  • Mark

    i used to think anybody could run this site. I’m starting to realize there is some serious talent at the wheel here at the chive

  • LinLin

    @big dog: I believe the politically-correct term is “Heaven”

  • Nagrom


    It’s Pedobear out of costume….

  • Nagrom

    #17 & #23


  • AD

    Dear Heyzeus, help me. I work at an Outback.

  • Vrye Denker

    #17 is a lie. That’s a dude. Google it.

  • Brandon

    Once watched Jurassic Park on Laserdisc. I believe there was total of 4 discs and we had to flip it every 20 min or so. Picture quality was definitely much better than VHS though.

  • Equalizer

    Their are lots of WIN in this post. You made my day again chive

  • Dom

    Now with all those peppers, Papa Johns might be edible.

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