More hot young ladies of Facebook (25 photos)

* did not directly take any of the above photos from Facebook. All pics submitted by users and no guarantee any of these photos are actually on Facebook -but seriously, who cares if they are or not, they are hot as hell.
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  • Dynamo

    How can 23 not be everyones favorite?

    • loyiso

      gv me ur nmber plz

  • Morton

    #15. I wish that no one would have commented about her negatively, as she is my mother.

  • WizKid

    #2 post sex in the front seat.
    #19 pre porno shoot

  • bill

    omg #3 got my vote & wood

  • CanIHitPlease?

    Number 23, Can I have yo number, can I have it, can i, can i?!

  • lodhi

    hey no 7 can you give me your number

  • tater

    #13 and #19
    I love america!

  • Ballardbitches

    #11 blonde is the hottest girl on this site bitch

  • http://TheCHIVE.COM Ephraim

    Helow no 22’hwz u beautiful lady,cn i hve your email adrs plz plz.

  • ShadyMarine

    #19 God Bless America!

  • jsmooth11

    3 🙂

  • yeah

    #5 double perfection

  • DigitalBoyScout

    all the girls i know on facebook ACT like these girls, but look NOTHING like them, and it just gets to be pathetic. i need hotter friends. i'm sure we're all thinking that though.

  • Trini

    Is it just me or is the girl in #10, the same girl from #5 ???
    And the Girl on the left with the black bikini in the first pic # 10… – she's hot!! And an amazing body!!

  • bee

    #3 #9 wow…they just make life worth living

  • progamehacks


    Hot girls of Facebook : theCHIVE

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