On the menu today – Your childhood (22 Photos)

  • Slim

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 ROCKED!!!!!!!!

  • Cydonia

    I only remember like three of these from my childhood. You people are OLD!

  • AbnerDoon

    One of the best posts ever

  • phoeborino

    I forgot all about Merlin! I freakin’ loved mine

  • Bennion

    Holy Shit. #21 FTW. I played with one of those for HOURS and HOURS. I wish I had one right now.

  • Leif Erikson


  • M Zaug

    Whoever put this together obviously do not have children, half these things are still available. What “childhood” is this supposed to represent?

  • jayme

    love and miss it all

  • Irwin109

    Man I tried selling a shit load of Knex on Ebay a few years back, no one was interested, seriously it must have been over £50’s worth and I was selling it for £20, nothing!!!

  • toadstool

    What about the Speak & Spell? I’d still be in the 2nd grade without it.

  • Pinky

    We have a Frogger and Astroids arcade games at my parents house. They haven’t been working in years which makes me so sad. I wish I had space in my place to bring them here and fix them up. They gave me so many wonderful memories.

  • f-oo

    I still get caramel apple pops, wax sodas, and.. all that other stuff.
    It’s still around, ya just gotta look in the right places.

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