One bucket of water sparks Ukraine water war (19 Photos)

funny random lead One bucket of water sparks Ukraine water war (19 Photos)

The Monday after Easter a kid in Lviv City, Ukraine went up to a girl and dumped a bucket of water on her head. An hour later the town’s youth has swarmed into the streets with water bottles, mostly targeting chicks. Some of them took it lightheartedly but with the temperature hovering around 45 degrees, some of them just got really, really pissed off. But you know those crazy Eastern Block people, they treat their women right. Mail order brides anyone?

  • HHNFFan


  • Yog

    Wow, lets go be young #%^ and assault strangers (did anyone else notice it was 99% women).

  • kit cat

    i would have laughed it off. just me

  • fourtwenty

    that chick in #1 got some big ole tit-tays

  • ch0nies


  • at work

    12 is cruel…and i can see why they are splashing 17

  • chiver

    that’s assault brotha

  • Equalizer

    I’m gonna pissed off too

  • justme

    There was a pic that TheChive wisely removed where the drenched woman was then assaulted by lifting up her skirt.
    What starts out as fun rarely ends up that way. Search the net for more on this story, the attacks became f more physical and violent.
    Only seeing half of the story here with hints of how it ended up. Educate yourselves.

    • MaxSpain

      Links or it didn’t happen…

      I can’t find anything on this.

    • Evan

      To “justme”.

      This is a 500 year old tradition practiced in Poland, the Ukraine, Cech Republic and many other eastern european countries on the monday after easter sunday. Young boys splash young girls with water. I dont claim to know why this started, but it has been literally going on for hundreds of years. Educate yourself retard.

      • indiecitychris

        Hungary too.

      • Necromas

        Ah, I see, being an asshole in the name of "tradition" makes it okay?

        I'm going to start a tradition of finding people I don't like, knocking them over, and spitting on them on labor day.

    • John

      Yeah Chive…you and your bias photo bloging! I come here to learn about the world, NOT get one sided stories!

      justme…stop being a douche.

  • ch0nies

    i meant BWAHAHAHA@6

  • ch0nies

    EDUCATE THIS! *crotchgrab* PS and why is that lil punk kicking that poor dude!

  • Verona

    I would kill those little fuckers.

  • QQ

    One 8 has yellow water. Sucks to be those people. ha. ha. ha. ha.

  • Mattythegooch

    Ahhhh, good ol’ EuroTrash!

  • Bob

    WTF #11, kicking?

  • Bob

    We need and after pic of #16

  • dabombishere123

    In my country, Bolivia, there is an entire week devoted to throwing water balloons and getting each other wet and all foamed up. It is called Carnaval. It’s awesome!!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Depending on my mood, I’d probably be pissed at first and get all whiny and huffy and women like to do, but once you’re wet and cold, why not have fun? Even if it’s tradition, a woman has to be a dipstick to see a group of guys standing in the middle of a soaked courtyard and say, ‘I think I’ll go that-a way!’ if she doesn’t want to get doused.
    Show up to work/home/your date soaked, and get over it.

  • HellHathNoFury

    And if anyone cries, ‘sexist!1!’ I’ll have their head.

  • Dov

    … I would’ve been pissed off D:

  • Greg

    I would have gone to the local 7/11, buy a flame thrower (i’m sure they have some) and check if they have enough water to extinguish themselves.

  • Ano Nym

    Smingus Dyngus ftw!

  • rahrahlincoln

    There’s a FUCKING water crisis, crazy Europeans.

  • yessir

    There isnt a water crisis in europe at this time of year…….

  • justme

    This post had 22 pics. The URL even still states 22 pics though shows 19 now. One still shows an assault and one that was removed showed an ugly guy holding up the skirt of a drenched woman. Being European myself I know of the tradition but in recent years it has become more violent and the incidents of sexual assaults and groping has become more prevalent.
    But poor Evan is too stupid and new to the net to know that posts change.
    John had the pic of the woman being assaulted removed.
    Catch up idiot.

    • Evan

      I dont doubt that this thing could get a little out of control. I would be suprised if it didnt. However, I could just as easily say “There is no picture of a young woman getting her skirt lifted up”. Links my friend or it didnt happen. Also its the internt, its super easy to find anything about anything. If i wanted a picture of an albino mexican dwarf taking a dump on a rhino, I could probably find it, so finding a photo of an upskirt at a water fight shouldt be that hard.

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