• Chris

    Ouch! What was she trying to do there? Give her a boost up?

    • Big Bob

      Yep, taking a cue from the Porky’s movie (I forget which one) where one guy kneels down and another takes a step off his back for the dunk.

  • Easy E

    That…. was the shit! lol

  • Matt


  • norm

    Funny stuff, but here in Boston we get an ad for fucking Charlie Barker right after the bball clip. Fuck him.

  • doo dah doo doo

    i like how when they first miss the shots, people are all “awww…” like they were surprised hahahaha

  • toilet paper

    The only thing these girls should be dribbling is drool on a cock.

  • Ano Nym

    If she dunked, woud’ve been better than this AllStar Dunk contest this year

  • me


  • lamptoaster

    silly women doing sports, remember your place is in the kitchen or the laundry room

  • jade

    I like how the girls on the other team went over to help her after she fell.

  • lol

    Did anyone else hear the person in the audience say “aw, fail.”

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