• Anonmouse

    I have a raging three incher, therefore I rule!

    • krisb

      Fine, but what about the picture?

      • Anonmouse

        Well duh, I’m the stud in the spandex! 😛

      • Nicnac

        best come back ever.
        unfortunately, he didn’t get it.

        • Anonmouse

          Actually, I did get it Nicnac. Like I was simply talking about myself and my massive 3″ wang instead talking about the picture. (it wasn’t that cryptic of a joke dude). My comeback was that yes, I’m talking about myself…see me in the picture? But you didn’t catch on to that Nicnac.

          • Angelo


            Boy! You sure told him!


            • Mr Quackers

              What the hell. Is your name really Angelo? Cause that’s my name, not very many, well, in Italy, but I’m in the U.S.A, speaking of which, I’m finally going to meet my Papa’s side of the family in Italy this year, should be awesome.

  • Anonmouse

    The cast of Revenge of the Nerds part 8 rehearses the S&M scene.

  • Anonmouse

    Soon the comet will be here and we can leave this lame planet!!!

    (ok I’m done)

    • Chris

      I want to say that this is a reference to “Dude, where’s my car?”

      Is it?

      • Anonmouse

        Yep! Good catch.

  • Easy E

    Gay Test- “And which ever way your chubby goes…”

    7 days later…

    ” Your not coming down until there is a clear answer….so get horny…or dont fucking eat…”

    The tribe has spoken

  • Lawrence

    Bondage Circus,


  • Paul winston

    The neck-to-neck tightrope walk will begin in 5 minutes

  • top dog

    “I am big chief num-nuts and these are my two di-ks…no wait, I got that wrong…….

  • moab

    Welcome to UTAH

    It’s not what you expected!

    • Big Bob

      Probably the one that made ma laugh the most.

  • MaxSpain

    Lady GaGa is seriously running out of ideas….

  • kimmygibbler

    On the next episode of survivor…

  • Doug

    Candidates for the new Geico ads. We blow the cavemen outta the water!

  • Nicnac

    “Now kids, this is what a train signal looks like”

  • Matt

    Attention my fellow republicans!

  • Chaim

    is that a signal for a train in the background?

  • Jeremiah

    all hail the Fail Male

  • davedave

    “Does anyone have any citronella for this torch? Anyone?”

  • skoop

    I caught a fish this big… but it got away. So I guess I’ll just have to settle with these two idiots.

  • Big Bob

    “Ok, so we’re not Ceasar’s Palace, the MGM, or the Venetian, but dammit, our show is pretty good too”

  • Equalizer

    Take me to your Leader…

  • Naanmus

    And for my next trick I will make one of these bitches disappear!

  • Equalizer

    So, which would you prefer?… my fingers or this torch?….

  • Equalizer

    I said… I need that damn MATCH….

  • Equalizer

    First Place: Swimsuit Competition

  • HellHathNoFury

    Worst. Electrical. Circuit. Ever.

  • Equalizer

    Somebody find my petroleum jelly before my prisoners escape…

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