• whatsmyhouse

    Tax payer money for this!? Shame on you Mr. Steele.

  • Equalizer

    I hit it with my torch…. It was this Big!…. But I caught these two instead…

  • Sarah

    Jabba the Hutt – before he got famous …. (and more choosy)

  • Equalizer

    Friends for Sale!…

  • Equalizer

    I won the Immunity Challenge! Now I have the chance to screw you two…

  • Equalizer

    By the power of Grayskull…I have the power!…

  • Equalizer

    I want my shirt back or I’m gonna kill my two hostage…

  • Equalizer

    I now proclaim you Husband and Wife…. You may now kiss the bride…

  • Fairfax76

    EVERYONE!!! EVERYONE!!! PLEASE!!! Yes, I slept with my brother and sister, but let me explain…….

  • Cog

    Marylin Manson before the Dope Show.

  • PedoBear

    Bidding starts at $1,

    No my sexy she pants aren’t for sale.

  • J

    I AM SPARTA!!!!!

  • Collin

    Have you heard the Good News…

  • dudetrejo


  • Guypants McGillycutty

    “Tightrope walkers all around the world were saddened as the struggle to make their sport less gay took a huge step backward”

    • beveryrad

      Good one.

  • PedoBear

    Johnny didn’t know what a girl was so he grabbed one of each.

  • jeff in Australia

    drum roll… “and now…. my 2 slaves will hit me in the dick with this special dick hitting stick…
    This will cause it to swell to 4″…. AND TURN ME INTO A MAN….! ” drum roll…

  • Bingo

    I now pronounce you husband and wife

  • Battleangel

    Look Mom! No Cavities!!!!

  • Gypsy

    This is what happens when you mix the props from “The Craft” with the cast of “Deliverance”.

    • beveryrad


  • booyah

    …OK? So I need a volonteer…

  • Wikus.the Dickus

    …..meanwhile in U.S.A

  • Anonymous

    Survivor Arkansas

  • nerf herder

    cirque de so lame

  • LinLin


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