• showtownman

    This mighta been cheaper, but why couldn’t we just go to the clerk of court to get married?

  • mastagates


  • Jared

    Has Mass seemed strange to anyone else lately?

  • JS

    the movie

  • z28js

    David Blaine’s career hits a rough patch.

  • princeval

    “I now pronounce you desperate and settling.”

  • Sayulita

    Reminds me Tarot s Devil card

  • Tino

    Zod, Non and Ursa… it happens.

  • elbruce

    “The Devil.” It’s from a photo tarot deck.

  • clown baby

    “And then my wolfpack grew by 2.”

  • Kinginhiscastle

    Uhhh, we’re waiting for the mother ship to land, why?

  • Darkstar

    You guys are sure you are virgins right…because if not…oh nevermind.

  • wuddyathink

    How many stumps do you see in this picture?

  • straightfrmnepal


  • Anonymous

    And now we know what would have happened had Frodo kept the ring….

  • HellRazer86

    Worst. Wedding. Ever.

  • threephasewolf

    Now for my next trick , watch as I make you say, “WTF”!!

  • youknowme

    ohhhhh Rednecks practicing christianity, is there anything sweeter.

  • Sammy Sue

    The Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists of the Hillbilly olympics!

  • okthenjustpickoneforme

    In the name of the tiki torch, skull head band and scouts’ honor, I now pronounce you…retarded.

  • lonewolfmcquade1983

    “Two of these things have been up my anus.”

  • Anonymous

    Laurel and Hardy and Olga

  • Phillyhawk

    Budget cuts were hard for the cast of the freak show at Ozzfest at first, but they learned to get by and ultimately the show thrived.

  • Wee Willy

    I can almost here the Banjo in the background.

  • pingman

    To marry or not to marry

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