Captions, making funny photos hilarious (26 Photos)

  • santana

    last!!! win!!

  • Andy Fearns

    When I saw that dog at the end I thought it was Harrison Ford

  • Sean

    Was #23 a Mitch Hedberg quote?

    • alcapwned

      I don’t know, but I definitely read it in his voice.

  • shatnersbassoon

    18 is simon cowel? lol

  • rain

    this post is so not good for my health!!! I pooped a little too!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Rumble

    #13 wins at the interwebs!

  • TiminPhx

    Wow, going after Palin and even ole Dubya…

    Are you not the cutest and most loyal follower of the great Messiah. Well done, let’s print off some more of that free money to reward you!

    You just have to love the politics of self righteous, bumper sticker depth community college liberals…and give them Photo Shop? Whoa buddy, hold on, it’s going to be some really clever crap showing up….

  • LindaU

    I pooped a little. That is great.

  • AshTheMohican

    I think you better not call Tyrone

  • BobPlant

    #18 f*ck yea

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