• Chris

    Is it too much to ask for these posts not to require registration to the soul-sucking entity that facebook is? 😦

  • Equalizer

    I don’t want to be a FAN of your facebook cult

  • robin yates

    what have these pics got to do with rednecks ?

  • Anonmouse

    Unless there is some hardcore girl-girl action, I’m not going to Facebook to see the pics. On second thought, that’s easy enough to find that for free elsewhere (without registration).

    Screw Facebook.

  • slutifer

    facebook IS a redneck inovation

    • qaz

      yet another facebook post. boooo

  • Strings

    I already went to a chive page. I have followed many such links that led me on a wild goose chase all over the net. The next link I click on could take me right to the content…or not. But , I no longer click on multiple links. So, I guess I will never know. As to facebook the others said it well.

  • Hans

    Leren doen ze het waarschijnlijk nooit, maar facebook zuigt!

  • me

    fuck facebook….good for lame douchbags

  • doo dah doo doo

    ah, i see… so when the post title contains the words “CHIVE-ON Facebook,” that means I shouldn’t click on it since there is no content in the post, but rather a link to an external site.

    got it.

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