Daily Afternoon Randomness (25 Photos)

  • Easy E

    This is a solid set of randoms, just about every one made me laugh or smile. Kutos…Well done

  • Easy E

    BTW, notice I didnt say first… you douchers… LOL

  • KraZe_EyE

    Dear Chive you didn’t put me up
    I am now an epic failure and all comment-ers will let me know this…

  • Easy E

    Yea dude you totally suck… lol

  • McBeastie

    Asian person driving has smaller field of vision because of their eyes! HAHAHAHAHA………………fuckin’ racist assholes.

    • forge

      That graphic is very, very pathetic, I wish they’d remove it, it’s like making blonde jokes or women-driver jokes. Stupid, stupid, effing stupid.

    • MeRuvYouRongTime

      Well, that would explain why they’re such shitty drivers…

  • Ken

    Camel towing..LOL!

  • Easy E

    Thanks for explaining the joke to us… I would not have understood otherwise.

    • jl99stu

      It would be nice if you would go die from AIDS again.

  • bohous

    #10- Hmm, the shadow of kid on the bike is strangely absent on the ground.

    • Mr_Hym

      It’s behind him on the steps.

  • pork sausage

    my week is now complete

  • jane

    so irreverent. love it

  • norm

    As Easy E said – “Kutos”.

    • Loki

      isnt “kutos” that new emo kid cereal?

      • B

        No no… that’s Cut- O’s.

        • Loki

          umm thats how the word (cough) “kutos” would be pronounced. KUDOS is the word that was originally intended. coo – dose

          • Rude Awakening

            You all fucking fail for these words. Never post again please.

  • acash

    fucking woof indeed

  • effemel

    #’s 11 & 12 damn ninjas

  • steven

    they used my photo. i can die now. thx chive

  • Anonymous

    no one said “first”! hahaha you bunch of suckers! Im first to say first!!!!! losers

  • toilet paper

    You have the vocabulary of a drunken spice miner.

  • granted charter

    KUTOS! Muthafuckin bitch made cocksuckuzzzzz! Spell check ain’t got shiat on me….

  • HellHathNoFury

    Holy crap that tattoo is both forehead-slappingly dumb and genius.

    • ladyguitarstar

      I dont know why but i think thats ashtons arm tat

    • xlogix

      ‘Tis a genius idea, I can’t believe someone beat me to it. 😦

  • Dreamy

    the girls in # 13 need more beer!

  • P-90

    #2 Hah fucking Greenpeace douchebags.
    #10 Deserves the ‘I was awesome once’ caption.

  • magentapyramid

    #20 is f***ing terrible! At least draw a guy!!!

  • Lol

    On number 9 i noticed tits. then I read the thing and like 10 min later I noticed the people dancing.

    • Rude Awakening

      The fact you felt the need to advise tell us this means you fucking fail. Never post again please.


    #15…don’t get it?

  • Equalizer

    Poor Greenpeace

  • Call me cracker!

    I'm sure glad I'm white. I'd hate to be a minority and have to keep my head on a swivel 24/7 looking for something, ANYTHING!, that might offend me! How hellish it must be to get tweaked by photos on a site oozing with tongue-in-cheek; can't you recognize tongue-in-cheek? STFU, X out of here, and go to http://www.warmandsoftandfuzzycompletelypoliticallycorre... for a group cyberhug.

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