Israeli military chicks make me stand at attention (31 Photos)

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  • timmay

    they don't go anywhere without their machine guns, do they?


    • wild bill

      time to move

    • Jevara Gaza

      They look proud they going to kill kids and women

    • Jezza67

      Assault rifles, but…yeah.

  • Lawrence


    • Anonmouse


  • Weezy

    Krav Maga!

  • Muhammad

    I officially convert to Judiasm

    • Muhammad

      Although Muslim girls are the bomb! oh….wait…nm

      • forge

        Persian girls are stupefrickingly beautiful. These women here are marvelous too though.


    Sad that i have to fight such hot women😦

  • Anonmouse

    Yep, they’re women. A couple of cuties and a lot of average-looking women. That’s about it, nothing mind blowing here to see.

    • Bdog

      You have to remember, no make-up, no fake crap going on here; These chicks are freaking hot as far as I’m concerned.

  • Equalizer

    These are the type of Gals you don’t want to mess with

  • top dog

    I think military women are sexy as hell. You gotta love a woman that can be tuff when she gotta be and be sweet when she wanna be. SEXYYYYYY!!

  • Rusty

    They just have that look about them….you know, the one that makes you think they may not smell so fresh “down there.”

    • IceBerg

      I was thinking the same thing

  • IsThatAnUziInMyPants?

    #2 must not be kosher for Passover, because I feel something rising…

    • Mustafa_Beer

      #2 is fine.
      #31 has great eyes

      • CocosIsland

        Holy Crap! #2 can’t be in the army…

        Stay at home rasing the kids, baby. I’ll fight Hamas and Hezbollah. I’ll even bomb Iran for you!

        • Guypants McGillycutty

          #2 is fine..a little crosseyed…but fine
          I don’t even care if she’s crosseyed…makes my junk looks twice as big!

  • youdummy

    This post Israeli awesome.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Ooh, I see whatJew did there.

      • DaddyD

        Two best Chive posts ever!

        By the way, HHNF … I keep telling you that I am in love with you, but you still haven’t written to me. What do I have to do to convince you?

  • T

    they got gradually less hot as I scrolled

  • Yo dogg

    negative ghost rider

  • slutifer

    yepp, theyre still jews

  • stafferty

    Alot of them are pretty cute, but i have a simple rule that has served me well in the past. “Never sleep/go out with a girl who is proficent with both Krav Maga and an M16 A2 rifle”. I know that I am being old fashioned but its what I do.

    • Fjones

      “I know that I am being old fashioned but its what I do.” No….that’d be who you don’t do.

  • le3yokcom

    those beautiful don't have any heart they kill every day dozens of children on the name of war and occupid other country for religious reasons

    • bdr85

      right, first of all – "They kill every day dozens of children on the of war and occupied other country for religious reasons" This sentence should be written as "The kill dozens of children in the name of war and are occupying other countries for religious reasons" Not only do you need to go back to school for you poor grammar, but also you need to go back and study about the Middle Eastern conflict. The other "countries" which you use in the plural, is known as Gaza, it's not even a Country let alone, Countries. It is part of the Palestinian Authority.

      Secondly the Israeli Army does not kill dozens of children daily, Israel are fighting Hammas the elected party in Gaza, not a nursery. Hamas, who has killed many children including Palestinian and Israeli. You also might remember the Mumbai shootings – that was also carried out by Hamas.

      Thirdly Israel is not occupying anyone for any religious reasons or vice versa, yes their are two conflicting religions, but the majority of Israelis are Jewish only by birth, and high amount of Palestinians consider themselves to be Athiest. It is all to do with land, and two useless governments that can't seem to find peace – Not religion. The Palestinians, Israelis and Arab-Israelis actually get on, and long for peace. What you hear, judging by your idiocy and ill thought out and childish statement you get your information form the media.

      Also I think you are getting Islamic fundementalism mixed up with the Iraq war on "terror" the war in Afghanistan and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict – I suggest you read up on what you write before you make yourself look like a complete tit, which you have done here.

      Kind Regards,

      a concerned Individual.

  • Nelson

    No. 5 looks like they were about to do something nice and the person with the camara blew it for them. They are soooo hot!! Their mostly stationed in Haifa, Isreal, there hot and very very horny. Been there, Done That!!

    • youdummy

      Wow. You used “they are”, “their”, and “there” interchangeably. That takes talent.

  • Rigor Mortis

    I bet they’re even hotter when they’re guarding illegal settlements from trespassers trying to retrieve their clothing before their houses gets bulldozed.

  • jeff in Australia

    Saw a film/doco on this topic… they really do take their automatics to the shower.. they’re tough as well as pretty… Some of the above comments were really funny… thanks to the type’rs..
    See what thinking with your head can do…! Lets all keep trying..
    Excepting the one above ^ .. that’s brain washing..

  • pookie

    those girls can kill you twice before you hit the ground

  • Weezy

    once again…..Krav Maga!

  • Anonymous

    Make love,not war

  • zipperz

    Israeli girls are second only in natural hotness to Quebec girls. But, since they’re not pacifist hippy wannabes, they’re actuallt hotter.

  • ron

    #2 is also a model her name is agam rodberg

  • Libertariandude

    Israel, Israel, Israel!!! That’s a nation which deserves to survive

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