Israeli military chicks make me stand at attention (31 Photos)

  • DUDE

    That last girl…

    I’m moving to Israel and marrying her…

  • Blip

    Poor 24, stuck on a boat…

  • lomi

    7 was kinda hot

  • Jeff

    they’re ok, but they all look a little too jewish

  • Anonymous

    mann theyre all so beautiful

  • Hubsyn

    #5 WOOOOW!

  • Man Of Adventure

    Why is that one mounting a dog, hah hah… weird picture. No these are cute women. Can't wait to go visit next year!! I love meeting people every place I go and these people seem great.

    Here's to a day when you can meet a nice girl there who never had to lug around an automatic weapon.

  • jay

    ugly ass bitches

  • talon699

    Figures that #21 is usually how we see all women. With a fucking cell phone in their ear. The rest are so so . Nothing special to make me even look twice

  • zabar

    you are all to hot and i would like to fuck you all.and one day in da future we will . u fucking assholes

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