Snake sake in Japan makes my mouth water (20 photos)

  • ch0nies

    Only one bottle says vietnam folks.

    • Blip

      Still not Japan

      • Critical Observer

        More than one bottle, look at the lettering on the bottles/labels. Looks like Leo needs a lesson in geography; or at least fact checking the photos before making himself look foolish for incorrectly describing the content of his post. Yahoo could use a talented guy like him.

  • Easy E

    Fuck That!

    • JoeDetroit


    • nosferatu

      You are so right. Fuck That!

    • jochi514

      The only Asian country that uses the latin alphabet is Vietnam.

      • x-nun

        Japan usues Romanji

  • ssss9999

    Do people really drink this crap?

    • Matt

      yup i’ve seen this on TV. its crazy. those snakes, scorpians, etc. ARE real

      • Matt

        oh and apparently they thing it gives them good health. forgot about that one

        • ssss9999

          That is just crazy! You would have to pay me a lot of money to drink that.

          • Fuzzybeard2016

            There is no amount of money in the world that would entice me to drink that…*shudder*…beverage!

  • Chris

    If people can eat live worms and bugs, sure they can drink this. The alcohol content probably takes care of any living things in it. I don’t know if they do it for the flavor, but I don’t imagine rotten snake to taste good. Of course, I’ve never liked sake, so I can’t really talk.

  • Easy E

    I donno dude, Witch doctor/voodoo mix/ devil potion…..screw that…

    Only thing that would make this worse is Wasps’.

  • jason

    poor snakes. such a stupid idea. like shark fin soup.

    • JamJam

      I totally agree. Mean and unneccisary.

  • Taco

    I’ll take a glass of three penis wine please

    • League

      He drank some 3 penis wine and has been trying to give me a handy all day.

  • CreepyKirk

    It’s called HabuSake…made with the venom of the Habu Snake, which is inside. It actually tates really good, but it is pricey. Google it.

  • Rusty


  • top dog

    You know, I like Japan, I love the women, well I love women the world over but, In Japan, they come up with some crazy sh-t. You got to be outta your mind to drink this crap. A cobra, are you crazy?

  • robin yates

    I have tried some of these drinks, they just taste of the spirit they are in

  • CHG

    I don’t think Vietnam is in Japan…

    • b.o.l

      I was wondering if there was anyone on here with at least half a brain

  • garp

    ….further evidence that Japan is actually another planet

  • slutifer


  • Soulam

    am i the only one that read the bottle saying vietnam?

  • Blip

    Still not Japan Chive.

  • Naanmus

    My cousin brought one of these back from Japan with just one snake in the bottle and we had one drink from it. It tasted like the worst tequila ever (even though it’s sake) and the burn alcohol taste was stuck in my mouth for the rest of the day. I would not recommend this to anyone unless they lost a bet.

  • Easy E

    And to end the thread as began…. Fuck That…

    Japan, Vietnam, Snakes… Fuck them all im over it…

    And @jason….”poor snakes. such a stupid idea. like shark fin soup.”……..They’re fucking snakes bro… snakes… souless little bastards. LOL Them, Wasps, Sharks; are all things that lack facial expressions and can get large. I don’t want to have anything to do with that. Unpredictable Shit-Boners……


    • b.o.l

      Most retarded comment ever?

  • Ken

    Another environmentally friendly product based on mystic quackery brought to you by the Asian country of your choice.

  • jeff in Australia

    Can’t help but feel for the snakes.

  • pookie

    first of all some of the bottles plainly fucking say Viet Nam. Second of all, how the fuck are those bottled?

  • Jay

    It’s all writen in Vietnamese

  • brib

    i’d buy one, just to have as a keepsake and show ppl…i wouldn’t drink it tho fuck that

  • ayu

    What there gonna do with all that thing..? Drink? Or for home furnishings..?

  • DERP


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