Snake sake in Japan makes my mouth water (20 photos)

  • me

    damm straight i tenth that….FUCK THAT^^^^SHIT

  • showtownman

    Stuff’s actually a pretty good drink. Strong as any whiskey you want to buy, but still. Buddies of mine brought me some back from their last jaunt to Asia. And whatta buncha woosies, won’t drink booze been mar-o-natin’ on a snake; hell, ain’t no worse than eatin’ hotdogs (which you’ll NEVER be able to find out what they’ve been in… or have in ’em).

  • bbamp

    LOL and america is so fucking great? Watch “Earthlings”. I like America, don’t get me wrong, but quit bitchin’ at what other countries do when you don’t even know half the shit your own country does to animals.

    And BTW these are just snakes. They feel pain, sure, but aside from wanting to fuck women snakes and wanting to eat giant meals they don’t really have much emotions.

    Please someone tell me where your hot dogs hamburgers and other ground meats come from. I mean REALLY look where they are from and tell me that shit is better than an alcoholic drink. You all should also check out what they do to male chicks when they aren’t needed to fertilize chickens. I’m not vegan.. fuck that.. but half you pussy fuckers would turn vegan if you knew where your food came from.

  • boogermister

    drink the scorpian and listen to rock me like a huricane

  • Anonymous

    well no cobras in japan.

  • Japanese

    This is not sake that Japan brewed.
    I think that it is a commodity of China.

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  • Your Mom

    I gonna make myself a cheese burger sake, want some???

  • Dp

    This is from Vietnam. I bought some in Ho Chi Minh city for 5 bucks from a 12 year old. Doesnt taste too great.

  • Mark

    It’s Vietnamese actually

  • Anonymous

    they are mostly found in Thailand but also can be found in Vietnam

  • pauly

    not Japanese or Sake

  • Sara

    ^^ Agreed. It’s only Vietnam that has this. DNDTR.

  • Löwe

    These are from Vietnam not Japan. A buddy of mine went there a few years ago and brought some back. I'm not sure I would ever drink it though but it looks cool sitting on the TV stand. ^_^

    • Löwe

      @myself I wouldn't ever

  • sanjay

    this wine? pass.. girls from this country? now were talkin'! lol

  • Lives in Japan

    one of the bottles said vietnam on it… the ones with scorpians and cobras are from korea im pretty sure, they only thing they didnt show was Habu Sake which is from japan and does have a snake in it.

  • minzasotta

    your all pussies just drink the shit. i have never taken a drug or had i drink that was "good" something as sinister as a flamable cobra would be considered a right of passage to overcome the venom and alchohol, mostly if you wanted to drink this it would be for the euphoric pleasure and knowing that you have 1 more chest hair than anyone that how they make it is like putting a ship into a bottle a very simple mechanical conundrum.

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