These would make fine wallpapers (46 Photos)

These are from all over, however, if you are the artist, or you know who the artist is, please let me know at I will give credit and link to the appropriate site. Thanks.

  • rick flare


  • sunshine

    Fuck you polar bear, I hope you sweat to death and die in a syphilitic fever in your dirty alley.

    Also, Al Gore has a bigger carbon footprint than you do (and most likely everyone who comments combined).

  • jeff in Australia

    Frustrating…” get me outa here” pictures… I’ll keep on dreaming the dreams I guess…
    Thank you, to who ever you are, for making them..

  • AnyoneForCoffee


    “*cough*…Pardon me!”

    • jeff in Australia

      You are good… well OK, maybe you are not good, but you are funny, your cough was good…

  • JamJam

    Wow, all these are really beautiful.
    But 30 looks like a giant boob.

  • uno uno

    So GoooooooooD ….SO NICE..WANDARFUL

  • sanssoucy

    They would make fine wallpapers … in 1992 … desktops are kinda bigger and more hi-res these days.

  • McBeastie

    If someone seriously used #36 as a wallpaper I’d punch them in the face.

  • Bob


  • Sc

    Really sweet pics

  • thisisascreenname

    Yes they would all make good wallpapers.. if they werent 500x312px

    • Hotdog Neck


  • Roscoe

    Fact that is interesting only to me…..#32 is actually my wallpaper.

  • Tizzle

    These would make good wallpapers… on my motorola razr. Come on chive, don’t call ’em wallpapers if they’re only tiles.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Jeez, whinerpups, it says they would make good wallpapers. Would being the operative word.
    3, 9, 27 and 28 are all my kinda place. Jeff, if you want pics like 27 and 28, I’ll mail you some from my recent trip. Lerv.

    • jeff in Australia

      Yes please… all of them..

  • Ash

    Anyone know where I can get 33 in higher res? :p

  • nerf herder

    Cool stuffs. Wanna hear something nit-pickey that someone with no life would say? Ok, motorcycle in 36 has the engine facing the wrong way, the exhaust and carb/ air cleaner should be on the other side haha

  • Regdar

    I love chive! and now with wallpapers for me!? Could life really be this awesome!?
    Please more wallpapers mr.chive 🙂

  • D'oh

    Picture 7 is my current wallpaper already, but I’d love to have some of those other pics on a 1920X1050 resolution to actually use them as my wallpaper.

    I’d be nice if Bob would’ve included the original URL’s so we can use them as wallpapers.

  • milikes

    Deviant Art much?

  • Bee

    The artist for #41 was in the booth next to me for an art festival a year back.

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