Daily Afternoon Randomness (32 Photos)

  • Randomguy

    I wish i was a milf commander…..

  • top dog

    The first pic is funny, I can hear the shark now, “WOW!! thats a really big fish!”
    Never put your money in a bank name Tightwad, they might not want to give it back.

  • Equalizer

    #28 – is SO HOT!!!

    Those tiger really look hungry

  • JR

    That Jesse James drumming in #25?

  • BillyBlaze

    I think you’re gonna need a bigger boat

  • someguy

    Should’ve put the fat lady singing as the last photo, yes?

  • B

    MILF Commander? So is #20 his army?

  • notatoaster

    dont hate on the fake boobs, real boobs are better but I dont know how you could hate 28

  • Robert Marley

    #9 is the PGA tour. hahahahahaha

  • Robert Marley

    And I’ve done #26 before. Popped when the wave closed. haha 😛

  • j12goose

    I know I’m late coming in on this one, but I’ve been gone from work….

    All I really wanted to say anyway…..I took the Tightwad Bank photo!!!!!!!!Yippie, I’m on the Chive! OK, that’s all…..

  • Pancake

    the herp derp twilight guy reminds me of a realistic looking version of “the oatmeal” guy

  • nelly02

    good set but does anyone know what the ferks goin on in #20?

  • top dog

    #15? not so much. Haulin? yes. Ass? in so much as they all got one, but thats it.

  • Rose

    Can’t wait to read more! I just started glgobing too and it can be hard deciding what you want to say but it’s also a great outlet for your thoughts and feelings and I like your writing style.

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