• liqianjin

    I have not seen these pictures, I am a Chinese.

  • forge

    What the hell is it with Russia and actually, most of Eastern Europe? It’s like, EVERYBODY’S a supermodel.

  • mikeduquet

    Wrong on many different levels, but currently I’m stuck on the pedo one.

  • northerner

    @HellHathNoFury, re my Rodney Dangerfield comment, yeah, that must be it, at least it feels like it sometimes, lol! Such is life, sometimes it sucketh, but we look through the windshield not the rearview mirror…eh?

    • HellHathNoFury

      The rear-view mirror is crystal clear, whereas it’s foggy through the windshield, or however the saying goes.

      • northerner

        Yep, crystal clear. But the point being, through the windshield is moving FORWARD. The rear view shows us what happened. We can’t change the past. We can only evaluate it differently than we have. Past is done. Can’t change it. Looking through the windshield, no matter how foggy, is moving forward. “Stuff Happens” and we step in it. Like you said, anyone could wallow in the past, go on Oprah and get sympathy. Or leave the past and go forward. That applies to any of us…we have that choice. You made the right one. And you’re going for it.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Thanks, bro.
          Just realized I have managed to turn this thread into a giant me-fest. I’m tired of seeing my avatar, so i’ll shut up now.

          • northerner

            HHNF, appreciated the dialog. Remembering a line from an old SciFi program…”Straight on ’til morning’…

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  • Brandon

    Ah, good ole PedoChive. Though i do like the pic on the right of #9…

  • nelly02

    go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200…….

    happy pictures, much thanks. 🙂

  • Jablai

    This is my fav graduation.

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  • @NAGOchanchin


  • JAB

    Wow! American Women are in TROUBLE..if Russia is pumping out products like these!

  • nice


  • Patrick

    #6 we've got a squirter

  • Anonymous

    Wow the first one look hot

  • John

    fuck you all

  • Rob R

    Future mail order brides? I want them all. I will pay top euro!

  • Studied


  • Jamshaid

    They all want to some thing ‘ll be change,
    but i think changing is not solve…
    Life is life, so always good thik about him

  • theki

    i will rape all

  • captmo9

    #28 on right



  • ar tee

    how about finding
    #12 girl with the red dress
    MOAR please…

  • Incredinick

    To the Motherland post haste!!!

  • PsY

    Its everything I have ever dreamed of . . .

  • freddy boy

    #31 That is one worldly woman.

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