Semantics aside, now we can all walk on water (8 Photos)

  • Mischa

    Flaming lips did this years ago.

    • matti0006

      Done this on crete…its been around for a while

    • etchasketchasaurus

      indeeeed Coyne has this down to a science….but using people instead of water

      • dentonbeard

        Agreed, no one uses the “Giant Space Bubble” like Wayne Coyne.

  • Chris

    Based on the cord tied to it, you can’t really walk, just float in place. Also, what’s the air supply like? I thought it was a nifty idea until I saw that they’re tied to the pier… seriously, stick them in a ball and throw them in the waves… 😀

    • hemadraco

      This is on Cracked article “insane things you can buy on the internet”. They cost about $500, and are only able to contain “about 30 minutes of breathable air.”

      • top dog

        30 minutes of breathable air? well I guess I can rule out using one as a sub marine.

  • McBeastie

    Another mind-blowing post from the good people at Chive. Really, you’re doing a fantastic job guys. Round of applause………………………………, but really…you suck.

    • Joey

      Another mind numbing comment from the retard that is mcbeastie. Really, you’re doing a fantastic job at sucking at life. Round of applause………………….no, but really… go fuck yourself

  • Equalizer

    Boring, My hamster can do better than that…

  • MBens

    Best suicide clinic ever.

  • Anonymous


  • Mustafa_Beer

    Bubble Boy??? Where’s the Freaks… Verne Troyer was great in that movie

  • Meggles

    This is in my town. I almost did it, but there was a line, and you’re kinda on display for the whole lake to watch you fall. It’s in Myrtle Beach SC at Broadway at The Beach if anyone wanted to know.

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