Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • upper low

    the last photo made my day

    • Wizzelteats

      Verizon’s roming partner would be BTC (Batelco)… if that guy was on the BTC network he wouldn’t hear S$%&!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Oh my Gods I must have a skunk kit! Cutest. Picture. Ever.
    5-yeah, to my therapist.
    Jeff, when i asked for a roo, that is NOT what i meant. She needs a good whack.
    Is 9 and extreme Fall Out Boy fan?
    I’m never eating strawberries or blackberries again.
    Holy craps, 17, will you marry me? No answer=yes.

    • cavemanlawyer

      Skunk kittens are just like regular kittens, they just need more love and affection. Also, they have lots of little bones so it is hard to get all the meat off.

    • christof

      plz stop

    • James

      erm… 17 are kids =/ im gonna assume that yo mean 16 :DS-<

  • idr

    good gallery. fucking lol

  • safergref

    awesome gallery

  • Le bob

    Does that make the frog an arachnid?

  • Nateb123

    Yes, #17 you are but stop pushing your boobs together with that silly top. Boobs look way better when they actually look round.

    Also #2 is clearly the best Warhammer 40K Dreadnought I have ever seen. I really hope that guy has a whole army of Hello Kitty marines to match.

    • smick

      I agree. Hello Kitty Dreadnought for the win. Though something tells me that followers of Slaanesh would find the aesthetic value of the thing rather pleasureable. I know, I’m a nerd but what do you do?

      • nelly02

        nerds forever! time for a new army me thinks. best gallery for ages!

  • Anonymous

    Just to clarify:
    16 is very hot. What’s her name? Can we have more? And more skin?
    17 is a photo of children…. I’m disappointed in you HHNF and Nateb123. Bad.

  • Anonymous

    Um… #17 is a photo of two kids. HHNF and Nateb123 might want to pay attention to that. I do agree that # SIXTEEN is hot as all getout. Can we have more of her please?

    • Elchronico

      I second the vote to have more pics from number 16. Nobody can resist a cuttie like that come on! And you know what for all you douches I give an A+++ for that dress.

  • big dog

    Girls, thems ain’t kittens, thems is skunks, now come inside and scrub your hands!

    • Loki

      Baby skunks dont have the glands to spray yet. And pet skunks regardless of if you remove their scent glands will be loyal funny animals. As long as you dont introduce them to other animals, like cats or dogs. My cousin had several pet skunks, raccoons and iguanas at same time. Once used to people (even wild ones will accept you if you feed them like apples and apricots) they are very timid as we are not a predator to them. PLUS they are cool as hell and do funny stuff on their own. Make sure you have a veggie garden so they can dig up some good bugs and roots to eat. This was all meant for the skunks.

      My Golden retriever made friends with a baby skunk and its momma let him go stink free, never wished I had a camera on my phone as much as when I saw that. Henry (the dog) would roll the baby skunk over and sneeze on him (wasnt a sneeze but a “fooof” on the baby’s belly) and Momma skunk would sit and watch us. Classy animals.

  • sock puppet

    #24: I was surprised as hell the first time I went to a small town in California (Lone Pine) to climb Mt Whitney and as soon as I stood on the sidewalk facing the street, about 10 cars came to a complete stop to let me cross – jaywalking basically. It wasn’t until later that I found out that the cars have to yield to pedestrians no matter what. It didn’t matter if they were going down main street at 75 mph, *I* had the right of way. People who lived there would just step off into the street and expect that the car would stop. That’ll get your a$$ run over in the rest of the country. I have to believe that many Californians are killed every year by drivers from other states who aren’t aware of the law.

    • x-nun

      I thought that was law almost everywhere. It is in Washington state.

  • HellHathNoFury

    The girl in 16 was labeled as 17 when this was first posted. Judgemental much?

  • dt520

    #16, you really don’t need to ask that question, just spend about 1 second in front of a mirror.

  • Naga Raja

    I coout uld not read the mind of the photographer however barring few the photographs are fine

  • twiz242


  • kapica

    The dog in 5# is awesome!!!

  • kapica

    6# pardon

  • Dave

    #25 made my day

  • Lenka

    is #7 for real???

  • barcode

    omg on 16 & 18! and wtf is 20?

  • w00p

    #16 is both cute and hot. And apparently visit this website quite often… Marry me please.

  • m.bros

    #19 = Gorosapiens. (Y)

  • http://www.facebook.com/#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000498406848 bryainiac

    16, thank you

  • Anonymous

    Pedo bunny in #24 – fuck off and use a crosswalk. Yeah, that’s the job I want. Sweat all day in a stupid bunny outfit, nearly getting hit by cars, while making ten cents over minimum wage.

  • Nagrom


    I’ve died and gone to heaven.

  • Equalizer

    #16 – You can random me anytime…

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