I love sexy geeks. Here are some of my favorites in no order (16 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFury


    • HHNFFan

      You needn’t be!!!!

      • HHNFfanFAN

        Neither should you, big boy.

        • HHNFFan


    • vicdamone505

      hellhath is pretty sexy. id like to kiss every inch of her body head to toe

      • HellHathNoFury

        Thanks. *awkward grin*
        I’ll be moving into a bomb shelter now.

        • Always Last

          HHNF's wet shirt post was nice!

  • Pinion


    • ChrisDG74

      Congrats. You get a lifetime supply of no one gives a shit.

  • garp

    …dating myself, but ‘librarians’ used to be like this

  • Anonymous


    • Anonmouse

      Swing and a miss…

    • Blip


  • Pinion

    P.S wtb #3.

  • Heyard Jablowme


    • Blip

      also, FAIL.

  • diddle

    I’d last 5 glorious seconds with Olivia Munn

  • jah


    • Blip

      even more FAIL.

  • LOL

    John? I love your hobbies…;)

  • top dog

    I don’t know, they look like they are trying too hard. Sexy nerdy girls don’t have to try to look sexy, they are sexy just standing there(in place). Although, I do like # 2 and #9.

    • Nateb123

      Agreed, top dog. These girls may be pretty (some arguably) and nerdy but they’re insecure and NEED to be nerds. They’re just sort of awkward and blah.

      The reason nerdy girls are hot in the first place is because there’s an inherent self-confidence factor: “Yeah I’m nerdy, so what?” Unique, interesting and cool with it. That’s hot, unlike some self-conscious skinny girl wearing a Leia costume.

  • mssugarkane

    i totally have a girl crush on zooey deschanel, i love the fair skin n dark hair

  • Easy E

    I vote for #3, looks like she actually grew up geeking it up, then just blossomed into sex appeal one day. Looks genuine = Believable = Sexy.

  • Equalizer

    Olivia Munn is a host at G4 TV…

    • PooPooCachoo

      No way. She has got wide face. A woman’s shouldn’t be thicker than her hips!

      • Gross Greg

        If you don’t like Olivia Munn, I am assuming that you’re on Sessler’s team.

        • Elchronico

          I’m sorry have you seen a full body shot of her on the show? If you don’t like that my friend you should re-check your gayness.

  • Chris

    You forgot Natalie Del Conte from Textra now on CNetTV

  • Joey

    Sigh, one of my many fantasies… to game with my hot nerd wife, then bang, then game again…followed by a victory bang

    • garp

      …but Joey, the rear-entry position will allow you to do BOTH simultaneously

      • Joey

        My god man, you’re a genius!

      • ChrisDG74

        Works good for watching tv as well. Remember the old Bloodhound Gang tune, The Bad Touch, had a line about doin it doggystyle so we can both watch X-Files.

  • Gross Greg

    Morgan Webb does NOTHING for me…I gotta admit, I don’t even think she is mildly attractive. Go ahead and tear me apart, she’s just not appealing to me in any way. If I saw her walking down the street, I wouldn’t notice her in any way, shape, or form. She’s not even a good host on X Play – her narration is mundane and monotone.

    Sorry Morgan, I love G4, and I am sure you’re a good person. You just don’t do anything for me. Now Munn, on the other hand…

    • Big Bob

      I absolutely agree with you GG. Morgan seems pretty cool but there’s just something about her looks that turn me away. Maybe it’s her square’ish jawline? Olivia may be the perfect woman. She looks great, she’s very intelligent, and has an amazing sense of humor (often self-deprecating which serious scores points with me and shows a great deal of confidence), all without that stuck-up, I’m-so-hot, attitude that most knockouts have.

      @Nateb123- she’s not just some random skinny girl in a leia costume. She’s the co-host of G4TV’s Attack of the Show, she’s been on Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly, been in Maxim and Playboy (though didn’t show any fun parts) and she’s going to play Iron Maiden in a little film called Iron Man 2 this summer. Btw – the leia outfit was from an Attack of the Show visit to the comic book show – ComicCon (if I remember right) where she, along with a bunch of other women, all dressed up in the Leia slave outfit.

  • Matt

    olivia munn is by far the hottest.

  • ERock0811

    Your forgetting Aliena from Tankspot.com

    • destructoid

      no, they are not. that chick is not cute

  • streetdeath


  • thatguy


  • thatguy

    i kid i kid

  • Robert Marley

    Why do people say first? like does it pleasure you to see your post first? is your life that empty?


    • Anonmouse

      I’ve always wondered that too. Do they get in line at the bank and look around, telling everyone “I’m first!”? When they pass out cake at the office birthday party do they jump in front of everyone screaming “I’m first!”? During sex, do they “finish” before their significant other and cry out “I’m first!”, leaving the other disappointed?

      For every person that chooses post something, many others simply viewed the page and moved on quietly. To just write “First” really isn’t much of an accomplishment and nobody is jealous because of it. I guess that’s the only thing they have going on in their miserable lives so we just let them have it.

  • LiaMMV

    Check out Alex Simwise. Sort of the UK equivelant of Olivia Munn.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Lara’s the hottest of them all.

  • Brandon

    Chobot and Munn need to make some lesbian geek porn already

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