I love sexy geeks. Here are some of my favorites in no order (16 Photos)

  • Libertariandude

    Lara is the object of my dreams. Forever.

    • Libertariandude

      Also, why I am the only one who can’t see anything special about Olivia Munn??

  • jessica

    What about Kari Byron from Mythbusters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • joy

      I'm sayin

  • Kirbster

    Yes, Libertariandude I agree. Olivia Munn is a 6.5 at best.

  • peacefullegend

    zooey deschanel is a living goddess…Divorce Ben Gibbard and marry me?

  • Razi

    FIRST……… Ah shit.

  • ricky

    olivia munn #1

  • SJ

    So…how come Kari Byron and HellHathNoFury aren't up there?

    • Always Last

      HHNF has posted, with a wet tank top. It was nice!

  • XkwizitOne

    Jo Garcia should be on this List!!!

  • Rob

    What about the ultimate band geek? Michelle from American Pie movies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nestrose Nestor Torres

    You are missing about Mila Kunis and Kay Panabaker. 2 extra hottie geeky chicks.

  • Ryan

    You UHHH totally forgot Adrianne Curry….. shame on you

  • maxim2boobles


  • joy

    what about Kari Byron?

  • Artoxx
  • Paul

    Because there is no chest to have one…

  • Always Last


  • Jawbone

    #7 None of these broads are "nerds". Putting glasses on them or handing them a controller doesn't make it so.

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