My weather girl is hot but I’m pretty sure she’s an alien

weather girl lead My weather girl is hot but Im pretty sure shes an alien
I took this tonight. Something about the KCAL 9 girl doesn’t make any sense. I dunno’ if it’s because the lower half of her body is being vacuumed up by her head or that I can’t tell if she’s 23 or 40.

  • Tsiou

    Your weather girl is a midget…

    • Kellieann


  • jeff in Australia

    You are right, that is strange… but I’m sure, greater brains than ours, or more likely relative, will soon explain it.. but if you start hearing bad organ music, run for the hills..

  • Tim

    took me a second but yeah, wow

  • geoff

    my weather girl is a dude

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I think the camera man has his camera set for the cleavage shot and she just screwed him by wearing the high neck

  • dos santos

    it’s Jackie Johnson. Make a search on google image, she’s normal.. and hot indeed

  • top dog

    I think the camera man is a camera girl and she is jealous, need more input to be sure, Input, Input, Input……

  • DoubleOhSeven

    maybe she just has a really huge head…and the shoulders of a linebacker.

  • NTFW

    I’d still hit it… AT AN UPWARDS ANGLE.

  • Equalizer

    I think you need to get a new TV set..

  • Judgmnt

    This isn’t related but can someone in chive change the Facebook button wording at the top right. It’s starting to drive me nuts… “Become of Fan on Facebook”

    • alpha384

      Facebook fail? or is it Chive fail?

  • drainbrain

    ^trueness you speak

  • jethro

    Sharon Tay, the lady that usually comes out with her, is also pretty hot

    • Choppers

      Also try Elita Loresca shes on channel 4 in the AM in LA

  • Jack

    in the words of charlie murphy “…he’s got a big fucking head”

  • frankenbozo

    She’s really big too. That’s not a map of the United States behind her. That’s the actual United States!

  • Chris

    Sabotage? Maybe someone stuck a fish-eye lens on the camera, if so, kudos.

  • youdummy

    you know what they say about women with big heads…

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