Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • DrRockso

    1rst photo is retarded, the guy is just to the left of her

  • Bojangles

    You all must have crap monitors becuase you can clearly see a woman driving the car in 23. She is just leaning forward. Her head is not back against the seat. You can easily see her in both pictures so I don’t get the fail.
    Also 3 is 17 years old. Only one more year. lol

  • smick

    In number one, shopped or not, if it was a true picture then I think the guy beside the gay one would be clearly not thinking of tapping that sweet ass but murdering it fucking stone dead. Clearly the guy’s got anger issues…….

  • Allan

    Number 8 is a classic and a good read. I want those rollerskates the guy in 22 has–those look awesome


    The guy in #1 is to her left, and much closer than the other guys. Since she is looking his way, this makes him the LEAST gay, because he is the most obvious in staring at her.

  • Fred Garvin

    At # 19
    That was before Obummer, no doubt.
    Bo is clearly in the leading up that role now.

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