Fun animals on a Wednesday mornin’ (30 Photos)

  • mai

    jump lil penguin!

  • w00p

    #3 FTW

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Cats are like lawyers and condoms… Don’t like ’em
    Too many around
    unless you need one… then when you’re done with ’em, throw them out!

    • Anonymous

      And most dogs are like that smelly, obnoxiously-loud, friend that follows you around and shits all over the place!

      • Battleangel

        Funny, i say the same thing about men.

    • yathink

      ….and dogs can’t purrrrr…..p.s. you suck!!

    • Flicka

      Dude, you get a good lawyer you keep that fucker on retainer so they or their firm can't be used against you.

  • flenin

    ok #24 is quite clearly an ewok…

  • top dog

    #3 and 13, just chillin man!!

  • Equalizer

    What’s funny with #6?

    • Westfall Boars Preservation Society

      It looks like Al Roker after gastric bypass?

    • Mattythegooch

      Just like Fat Bastard after going on the Subway diet……..My neck looks like a vagina!

  • BurgerKing

    #25 reminds me of Spaceballs

  • Anonymous

    #8 looks like Ghostbusters

  • squooshy

    #2 Paul Giamatti really let himself go, good to see he can still get chicks though.

  • Bob

    Number 20 looks like this black guy that lives down the road from me!

  • IceBerg

    lol Bob

  • nerf herder

    wow that’s a big beef curtain in #6. #15 should be saying “You’ve got to kiss dee girl”

  • Sutures


    He’s an Asshole, too, sir. Gunner’s-mate, 1st Class, Philip Asshole.

  • Ken

    #25…are those aliens disguised as Bichons?

    I’ve never seen an albino squirrel before.

    I wonder why they call them Blue Tongued Skinks?

    How ya liking my Avatar Mustafa_Beer?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Jeff, can’t wait for my koala!

    • Anonymous

      Patience my dear, all good koala’s come to those that wait… patiently.
      He types, breaking yet another code…

  • LinLin

    #26 If it’s monday, i’m the pup, friday, then i’m the husky

  • mssugarkane

    Haha, it took me a second to get the first one, but i lmao

  • Dave

    #22, Pedopuppy! RUN!

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    # 13 and 23 are so cute! It just sucks that you don’t see chipmucks around as often as squirrels, because they’re even cuter.

  • patton303


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