Miniature golf courses remind me of my childhood dominance (18 Photos)

  • mrr0ng

    I love the vulva shot in #7.

  • Passow

    SOme of those are awesome! #13 is a bit freaky…did a 5th grader construct those guys?

  • petwookiee

    #7 wow…

  • dt520

    LOL @ #7.

    the sad part is this stuff just doesn’t invoke the same feeling unless you are that young.

  • EriktheRed

    #11 for the Plinko Win!!

  • top dog

    Look like a mini golf course for monsters to me.

  • McBeastie

    So after I get past the Vagina hazard I have to shoot one into Buddha’s crotch…and this game is for kids?

  • keithp420

    I think the Jesus hole should be last, so you can repent for all this depravity…

    • P-90

      If you hit your ball into a water hazard he can walk out and get it for you.

  • inv8erzim

    P-90.. now THAT’S funny !

  • inv8erzim

    #7 has a little camel turf going on, no?

  • hehimself

    i was actually here… this place is in Panama City Beach, Florida… freaking awesome!

  • Gredd

    #18 is located in Spring Lake Park, MN. The next hole is a bear…

  • TommyM

    3 and 11 are both from a place called Barnacle Bill's in Ortley Beach, NJ.

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