This chick really wants to be the ‘America’s Hottest College Girl’ (20 Photos)

lead ch cutie This chick really wants to be the ‘America’s Hottest College Girl’ (20 Photos)

Last week we brought you some pics of Nikki up there. She’s launched a campaign to become College Humor’s Hottest College Chick in America. Well yesterday Nikki turned the volume up to 11 when she died her hair black (like this one bondage vixen I used to frequent) and then took some pics. – Some really naughty pics. I pushed ’em down on in the gallery so if you’re at work and your boss is hovering, don’t scroll past the halfway point.
I’m all about this chick for some reason. And since theCHIVE is rolling out about a million hits per day, let’s help Nikki get a little closer to her destiny by voting for her here. Do it for your country!

  • destructoid

    maybe it’s the pedo in me but the shot of her birthday cake with the 19 on it was the real high point

    oh, and the thong.

    • ron

      Seriously? How about the fact that she’s addicted to COCK !!!

      • destructoid

        yup I missed that one. can i change my final answer?

    • Madison

      What Birthday Cake?

      • Matt

        haha i was thinking the same thing literally. I’m going to scholl back up and discover this birthday cake again.

  • pork sausage

    this is america. and if you wanna win you gotta go all out. i respect this girl. and I would also do terrible unholy things to her

    • Heywood J Blomy

      What a dumper on her! WoW!

      She’s definitely too hot for condoms. That’s for sure.

  • HellHathNoFury

    You’re hot. Really hot. so stop making that damn duckface. Makes you look like an idiot junior high student that doesn’t know what to do rather than a grown-ass confident woman.
    Perfect nose, by the way. I’ll be visiting your parents to borrow some genes.

    • isawoj

      Agree 100%. The duck face has got to stop. HHNF, go tell your species to cut that shit out. Oh, and lose the giant sunglasses.

      • Mark

        Some people look better with big sunglasses. Hides more of their face!

  • Dudi

    #3 + #9 = White t**sh ho. With her talents, she should really consider a career in the adult film industry.

    • Warped

      She’s white trash and should be in porn because of doing kegstands and hunting…. are you serious? You need to get a life and quit looking at a computer screen…. my lord, what is the highlight of your day… winning at WOW??? Get a life!

      • mssugarkane

        Very well said

        • LOL

          I’m LMAOOOOOO@the self censoring. “t**sh”?!? LMAOOOOOOOO…oh that’s funny.

          It’s the chive, you can say she looks like a white trash whore if you want to. It’s okay. Really it is. Your grandmother won’t wash your fingers out with a soapy toothbrush for typing it…

          Nikki…going by the candles, you’re 19…you are cute…but not cute enough for jail. 19 is not 21…and posting pics of yourself drinking…it’s just asking to have the cops knock on your door. Be smart about it woman. Jeeze.

          As for the hotness index…first pic she looks like she’s late 20’s…way older than 19. Black hair is hotter. 😉 Good luck with your goal hun. 😉

      • winston002

        i personally have not tried wow. i prefer simpler games like wii bowling, in your moms ass, but instead of the wii remote i use my dick.

        this guy is entitled to his opinion, and i too would like to see this girl get into the adult industry.

        is your mom dead? this would be better if your mom was dead

        • HellHathNoFury

          Don’t know about him, but my own mother is dead, and you have really shown what class of sophomoric, disrespectful, ignorant fool you are. Go find a welfare office hooker to keep yourself busy with and leave the grown-ups alone.

          • AA

            you cant bowl with your penis…that is silly.

  • ROK

    i do believe we have ourselves a winner…

  • yemen

    i’m not from america. I’m from a place where girls don’t look this beautiful. be glad asses like that can exist here.

  • Indigo Girl

    i’d invite her into my dorm and seduce her if i could. and i consider myself a pretty hot girl

  • Yo dogg

    much hotter as a blonde

    • D


      • shabs


  • blaster

    * loves cock. you win, girl

  • Equalizer

    Oh, I’m 19 too!!!…

    • HellHathNoFury

      That explains so much.

  • McDouchealot

    She is pretty hot… even as a blonde.

    On an aside, whatever happened to those caption contests from a week or so ago? Drop the ball much, chive?

  • mssugarkane

    Shes hott, but as a brunette she looks about 30, still hott, just older

    • garp

      …I think that might be her mom, lurking in her blonde daughter’s bedroom while she’s away at college

  • ch0nies

    is there anyone else in the running? -yawn.

  • poy

    i’ll take 4 of her.

  • Weezy

    #16 is she pointing to her dog’s balls?

  • top dog

    I didn’t see much but a tits up shots. If you want me to say you’re hot I have to judge the whole body, not just the cleavage and prune face.

    • Nateb123

      Once again I agree with top dog.

  • niceguyted

    She’s def got great tits, but I’ve seen hotter. The ego is kind of a turn off, too. Pass.

  • Poon

    Goddamn! I hate attention-whore skanks. So insecure to the point where you have to make duck lips, have implants installed some time before your 19th birthday, get an obvious nosejob, needing to post pictures with average girls (that are so much hotter than you) to make yourself look better, etc… Everyday is just another opportunity to be on stage and attempt to piece together the shamble that is your self esteem.

    • cavemanlawyer

      She’s not applying for sainthood, she’s trying to be the hottest college chick.

    • Westfall Boars Preservation Society

      Glad someone else noticed the nose job. Too bad she didn’t enter Most Obnoxious College Attention Whore – there’d be no contest.

      • Nateb123

        I was wondering about that…

        Something about her face just screamed MJ to me. Plus in the last few pics she sort of looks like her skin is too tight. It makes me think of Cruella DeVille. Yikes

    • yourmomonchive

      agree , but she obviously has something that the guys at chive or one guiy at chive likes..
      ill pass as well, i thought it was a posting about the actual hot girl in the first kinda like a dating site a girl posts a picture of her and her friend , you ALWAYS hope its the hot girl your going to meet, reality is its usually the BUTTERFACE..
      real big MEH!

  • DrRockso

    She should post some nude pics to put her over the top

  • carrot

    I lol’ed at 9…

  • dt520

    see, this is why i love college. 17 dollars in africa prompts a “motivational poster” making fun of it, a college chick holding a 20? that buys enough booze.

    • tinyasiandick

      At first I thought it was $40 and I was like "DAAAAAAAMN!" but then I realized it was a 20 folded in half and I was like "oh."

  • BillyBlaze

    She’s cute but no the hottest college girl in America

    • mssugarkane

      theres just nothing really unique about her, i could find 20 girls at my college that are hotter than her, and not as trashy either

  • Woody

    Drop the fucking wine coolers and put a goddam beer in her hands and we can talk. And +whatever on the dumb fucking face poses.

    You’re hot. Stop posing like a retard.

  • GSA

    It says here she’s addicted to…. cork?!

    Well, it is a fun and versatile all-natural wood based product…

  • Battleangel

    She needs to cut back on the alcohol shes starting to look old. If she looks thirty now when she’s actually thirty she’ll look 45. Of course she’ll probaly just get even more plastic surgery and then more plastic surgery, then one day she’ll look just like Joan Rivers.

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