This chick really wants to be the ‘America’s Hottest College Girl’ (20 Photos)

lead ch cutie This chick really wants to be the ‘America’s Hottest College Girl’ (20 Photos)

Last week we brought you some pics of Nikki up there. She’s launched a campaign to become College Humor’s Hottest College Chick in America. Well yesterday Nikki turned the volume up to 11 when she died her hair black (like this one bondage vixen I used to frequent) and then took some pics. – Some really naughty pics. I pushed ’em down on in the gallery so if you’re at work and your boss is hovering, don’t scroll past the halfway point.
I’m all about this chick for some reason. And since theCHIVE is rolling out about a million hits per day, let’s help Nikki get a little closer to her destiny by voting for her here. Do it for your country!

  • Matt

    she is fucking gorgeous but seems kind of slutty and thats a downer for me. still shes DAMN hot!!

  • AA

    she’s cute, but the hunting puts it over the edge….winner!!!

    If she kills it, I’ll grill it.

  • jarakada

    nice ass…

  • Nateb123

    I dunno. I think she’s only hot in profile or when her hair specifically highlights her jawline and even then, not crazy about her. Just not my type in the least. There’s just something weird about her face that turns me off completely. Something seems not quite proportionate there and while she covers it up well with make up, you go to bed with 17 and wake up with 9.

    • its_forge

      Beh, at least in #9 she's not making a stupid face while drinking a f*cking wine cooler.

  • yourdad

    The United States of America will not tolerate a “Hottest College Chick” who has fake tits. This will not stand.

  • Massadonious

    Doesn’t mind random strangers grabbing her rack.

    I’m sold.

  • Linefire

    Average for any blonde at UF and below average for Miami

  • The Porn Panda

    Number 17 please…

    • jesedriogam

      I’m agree!

  • P-90

    Stunning. I’ve seen some of her other pics and in some of them she looks like Sienna Miller, which is awesome..

  • CMG

    Being a so blatantly desperate for attention reduces the hotness a great deal.

  • Marcelo

    17 por favoooooooooooooooooooooor!

  • Jay


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  • jade

    how many guys do you think cummed in that dirty hole of hers?

  • Jimi

    “Addicted to cock” ,,,,,,,,,,,,?


  • anon

    Id eat it

    • BigE

      Eat it??? Hell no!!! Look at the dorks in the pics grabing t&a and hanging all over her, she’s easy or a tease (I’m betting easy). If you want to suck d!ck go to the source, otherwise find a cleaner girl.

  • Hannah

    Very pretty, but plain pretty. Like “Oh my god she’s so fucking hot but the kind of hot you see a hundred times a day” kind of pretty. Can’t distinguish her from her friends in some photos.

  • BigE

    That girl looks like a cum bucket. I’d have to wear waders and a Galactic Prophylactic (see SNL) and I’d still be nervous. She is a looker though.

  • mooseknucklenightmare

    stay blonde

  • Anonymous


  • wally

    lol @ the girl’s face in pic 3

  • Anonymous

    “when she died her hair black” Buddie…. past tense of TO DYE is DYED!! unless she passed away, you should fix it.

  • emperorbananaketchup

    I prefer brunette Nikki over blonde Nikki, though

  • its_forge

    Excellent transformation blonde to brunette. Went from dumbass duckface party girl to elegant sultry in no time flat. As a brunette she totally wins it, as a blonde she's just another jackass in the crowd at the bar. I suspect though of course that you can take the blonde out of the hair but not out of the person.

  • mcctan24


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