This chick really wants to be the ‘America’s Hottest College Girl’ (20 Photos)

lead ch cutie This chick really wants to be the ‘America’s Hottest College Girl’ (20 Photos)

Last week we brought you some pics of Nikki up there. She’s launched a campaign to become College Humor’s Hottest College Chick in America. Well yesterday Nikki turned the volume up to 11 when she died her hair black (like this one bondage vixen I used to frequent) and then took some pics. – Some really naughty pics. I pushed ’em down on in the gallery so if you’re at work and your boss is hovering, don’t scroll past the halfway point.
I’m all about this chick for some reason. And since theCHIVE is rolling out about a million hits per day, let’s help Nikki get a little closer to her destiny by voting for her here. Do it for your country!

  • overtaf

    #19: Stunning !


    i see no reason, judging soley on these pictures, why this chick should be America's hottest college chick….your pics are fuckin boring!!!!! bring the heat….no doubt you are fuckin sexy, but is your dorm in a convent…jeeez kiss another broad with a little tongue at least… NIKKI YOU SUCK!

  • Sid "The Squid"

    @ #12, well aren't we gangster misses 20 dollars, maybe you could put the money to better use, like new shades, or pants.

    but jokes aside i hate girls who were pants,

    or clothes

  • yourmomonchive

    #3, wtf is that a guy? and a unibrow? wtf? who thinks this girl is hot..
    get me a six pack, then ill check again..
    she is beergoggle nonhottness

  • rock reezy

    Average cute at best. Sorry pumpkin 😦

  • bagofchicken

    pass. I would like to stay std free.

  • Dave

    Better as a brunette. and I wouldn't kick her out of bed for letting her dogs balls touch the covers.

  • very good

    new delhi(india)

    • http://wadsap ghori

      I like photo 9660766015

  • http://yahoo raj kapoor

    you are very sexy i like it

  • Anonymous


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