Apparently in Russia, chicks’ll do freaking anything for a computer (20 Photos)

computer russians 0 Apparently in Russia, chicksll do freaking anything for a computer (20 Photos)

First, let me apologize in advance that we can’t show you the actual nudity here. Our advertisers would complain and theCHIVE is first and foremost, sellouts. Here’s a naughty link I found.
Soooo a local computer store is opening up in the city of Bratsk. And what do they do to drum up publicity? They decide to have a strip contest, in the middle of the day, in the city centre! Yes, they can actually do that. And tons of chicks actually signed up for this thing. The winner gets a computer…. a computer.
If I went and got naked in the middle of downtown LA, I’d probably be shot at but that’s beside the point. The point is that it would take a bit more than the lure of a computer to get me naked outside town hall. Ya know?

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