Apparently in Russia, chicks’ll do freaking anything for a computer (20 Photos)

computer russians 0 Apparently in Russia, chicksll do freaking anything for a computer (20 Photos)

First, let me apologize in advance that we can’t show you the actual nudity here. Our advertisers would complain and theCHIVE is first and foremost, sellouts. Here’s a naughty link I found.
Soooo a local computer store is opening up in the city of Bratsk. And what do they do to drum up publicity? They decide to have a strip contest, in the middle of the day, in the city centre! Yes, they can actually do that. And tons of chicks actually signed up for this thing. The winner gets a computer…. a computer.
If I went and got naked in the middle of downtown LA, I’d probably be shot at but that’s beside the point. The point is that it would take a bit more than the lure of a computer to get me naked outside town hall. Ya know?

  • Equalizer

    It’s not entertaining with all those squares…

    • mook

      I hope these were screened by someone else, if it was the chive then you have all failed.

      It is the internet, there are viagra, porn, death, and what not just a click away… Trying to save little billy and susie from a horrible experience online is pointless, they will see if not already have seen these things. This is why parents are called parents, for parenting their children, not collecting tax refunds per head at the end of the year.

  • Maynard

    Hey #13, nice box! nyuk nyuk nyuk

  • top dog

    Ohhhh come on!!!! If you are gonna block everything whats the point of showing the pictures?

  • Dean

    Where is the original post?

  • Robbo

    They put on grey boxes, that’s not much

  • SaintxXxAsh

    This post was pretty much pointless since you blocked all the good parts out.

  • Mark

    #16’s box is really weird. she has side tits or something. made me lol

  • Cheez

    Nice work chive, making it look like they didnt have anything on!
    Its all a lie, well most of it is.

  • fortnight

    hey complainers,

    he linked to the nsfw page. next time read. remember reading?

  • Rusty

    Who won?

  • Vern

    Chick in red pants had to win. Great rack.

  • Anonymous

    Does the chick in red pants have tits on her back?

  • Lenka

    john….come on…i am woman and i pissed about the gray spots…

  • Apexs

    anyone know where you can get the all the unedited pic — link only has like 4 of them

  • fdgujsfjsfj

    chive is worst than ebaum, they steal stuff from other website, slap their fukin logo on it and censor it ?? fuk thats gay

  • toilet paper

    If they’d just go mail order status I’m sure they’d get a laptop to use, some clothes, a sponge, some kitchen wipes, an iron, laundry detergent, an apron, a mop, etc…

  • BW

    What do they apparently do in Russia? Dance with grey boxes around their chests! Does this even merit a post? I can do that anywhere.

  • Goulet all day

    Yeah! If I wanted a gray box I’d bang the old widow across the street.

    • HardCore Mike

      Goulet all day FTW.

  • Hans

    Post thís on Facebook…

  • MichaelGS

    a few of them could do with stripping for sammiches. ive not seen the nsfw ones, but judging by the sfw ones its not worth the click

  • BK

    That’s another 13 seconds of my life wasted. I’m still waiting for the 2 n half hours refund from Titanic! It sinks… incase yr wondering!

  • Onlunch

    Where the NSFW Pics

  • Elchronico

    I vote for a new approche to this censoring. Why not shop the body with a censor that defines the figure? That way you block what is not apropriate for the site and it looks more like a shirt then anything else. Cause come on big grey squares are just plain bad and ruins the fun.

  • Thesnowplowj


  • Maddog

    Women in America do this all the time for free drinks

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