Aptera 2e will be groundbreaking (21 Photos)

The new Aptera 2e will be the most fuel efficient vehicle in the world, achieving in excess of the electric equivalent of 200 miles per gallon. It will also produce only half the emissions of a Prius. The bad news, of course, it’s hard to really take a 3-wheeled car seriously.

  • sandra d.

    and if it swims into a woman’s uterus, you’ll get pregnant with assholes.

  • tome

    @ sandra – LOL

  • James

    Can we all agree this car is massive fail? I think we can.

  • AndrewStevens

    I’m pretty sure that was the car used in the background at Starfleet Academy in the new Star Trek too

  • http://myragehush.wordpress.com myragehush

    Does it have a cup holder?

    • youdummy


  • Deal Masen

    That would be aweomse, if it was a bike

  • Anonymous



    what is picture #11 of?

    • Deal Masen

      i think that’s the hinge

  • Vern

    Sandra ftw

  • thisisascreenname

    I wonder how it handles in the snow..

  • top dog

    200 mi to the gallon, impressive, but at what speed? To me truthfully, I think the concept is great, and I know this is new to us, but what happens if you have a couple of kids and mabe a dog, or cat? This car, as it is, is perfect for getting around in the city or mabe on campus(college). I don’t think it will hold up too well on rural American roads. Thats just my opinion.

  • Chris

    It won’t hold on very well outside cities… but hey, if it break down, you pick it up and carry it to a service 😉 This would be an awesome car for in-city work, though. Cut down on the smog, cheaper, and you don’t need high speed inside cities.

    • top dog

      I don’t know man, been to Atlanta or Dallas lately? They drive like fools in both places. Thats just in the States, try Roma or Frankfurt.

  • Rad Dude


  • Bonez

    Where are the fold out wings? Thing looks like a Cessna minus the wings.

  • nine

    Those of you with the negative comments: you’re knuckle-draggers.

    And to the moron who wrote he can’t take a three-wheeled car seriously. I suggest you look into the T-Rex: it is a very serious vehicle.

    • a_canuck

      Of course the T-Rex is a serious vehicle, it’s made by Canadians! Seriously, this is an interesting concept car, but I wouldn’t want to see it tangle with a large pickup, let alone a tractor-trailer.

  • yes we can

    shape of sperm, very logical thought, since it’s aerodynamic.

  • guester

    @a-canuck, it's all a matter of relative size. ever see what a large pickup, bus, or tractor trailer looks like after tangling with a freight train? it's not pretty either.

  • http://niggers.com Phil

    it would have been groundbreaking if it didn't go bankrupt 2 years ago. A quick wiki search could have yielded this… http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1070490_apter

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