Boxing Orangutans revitalize my interest in boxing (13 photos)

  • inv8erzim

    I … I … have no comment (shaking head in disbelief) I mean.. he took a dive.. punch wasn’t even close.

    • wild bill

      this is is kind of fucked up

  • localboy

    I can’t believe this sort of shit still goes on in the world. Awful.

  • Danny

    What sucks is they get abused all day long by their trainers and then get abused in the ring. Sounds like a shitty gig.

  • Equalizer

    That’s animal cruelty.

  • Easy E

    #4 Kissin’ the ring girls, atta boy… “Com’ere bitch, give daddy a kiss”…lololololololol

  • inv8erzim

    Actually, there is no abuse, people. These animals live better than those in Zoos (I know. I know). They do not throw punches. They do not get hurt. It’s an act. Yes, it’s sad to see animals in this venue, but at least their hides aren’t in some back room for sale along side the rhino horns. Sorry.. I got serious there for a minute. I love or-ang-a-tangs. I love wango-dee-tango, too.

    • Danny

      Actually they are abused. These orangutans are in Thailand which, as a country, is very lax on animal abuse laws. These trainers abuse them during training and most of the time will have them under heavy sedation. I was recently in Thailand and saw the way they treat the animals to put on shows for tourism. To you its cute it all looks cute and funny but to them its a living and they will do whatever it takes to keep the tourists coming in.

      • inv8erzim

        Danny, Danny, Danny. Nothing cute about a 200 lb primate in boxing trunks, so don’t get all slobbery about it. Take a trip to Thailand and sign a petition… but don’t go all PETA on us. I know more than just a little bit about primates, so don’t make me prove it Danny in front of the 13 peeps reading this post. Muahahhaha. .. now, where are MY sedatives…

  • Mustafa_Beer

    John and Leo ????

  • kirts197

    wtf. what’s really funny is that they even included ” ring girls “…..

  • Juan

    Sign me up for some orangutan MMA!

  • SreyaNotfilc

    11 is sooo sexy!!!

  • 1337drewby

    I hope the Orangutans in Orangutan Dimension have human slaves that they get to beat and make fun of… I also want to visit Orangutan Dimension, but only if they know I’m not an ass worthy of a beating.

  • Ken

    This would be something that I would have no interest in attending or supporting. Orangs are intelligent, emotionally complex animals. This life must be like the Orcas who live in tiny tanks and have to jump though hoops for fish.

    Still, we all have to make a living and many humans debase themselves to put bread on the table so, who am I to judge? Then again, humans have a choice.

    • Anonymous

      I strongly agree with part of what you type.. I too would never attend such a “show”.
      But… as you also type, we to have to debase ourselves, but those that do, do they really have a choice…? Much like the animals pictured, we all have to do whatever we have to do..
      PETA… do people know that you can not be a member if you keep a pet, any pet, cat, dog, budgie, goldfish…large bunch of ordinary people trying to do the right thing, lead by a lunatic few..
      End of rant…!

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    Boxing Orangutans monkeys : theCHIVE

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